2016 Sophomore Symposium Breakout Career SMARTalks

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Meet the Keynote:

Continuing the Conversation

Colin RyanPresenter: Colin Ryan, One-of-a-kind Comedic Speaker/Financial Expert/Author

Did Colin's remarks intrigue you enough to want to learn more?  Join our keynote speaker for this special follow-up session, with additional time for Q&A, and gain helpful tips to further your own career aspirations.

About Colin: Colin Ryan is a stand-up comedian turned financial literacy speaker and author based in Burlington. Topics include financial wellness, career success, and habits of happiness. He shares what he likes to call "the secrets of the universe..."? Real skills to help you pursue your passion, overcome your fear, and use money as a tool to reach your dreams. And he does this in a manner that is uplifting, practical, interactive, and above all, funny.  Because getting a good job that pays the bills while you figure how to get to your dream is NOT "a backup plan."? It's a standup plan."

In Transition: How an Executive in the Ski Industry Ended Up in Higher Education

Presenter: David Provost, Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Finance

David Provost will share a series of exercises he went through in deciding to leave a 13-year career in the winter sports business to come to Champlain. These simple but revealing exercises will help anyone get clearer about his or her own career path. Forks in the Road, Priorities and Motivational Profile are just some of the activities we'll explore.

About David: David Provost is Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Finance at Champlain College. He joined Champlain in January 2005 after a 12-year career as Executive VP at Skis Dynastar North America. David has received numerous awards including the Community Excellence Award from the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. David has volunteered his time on behalf of numerous organizations including the Boys & Girls Club, the Blue Ribbon Commission for Burlington Telecom and Wake Robin. He continually rises to meet the challenges in our community, leading the way with both common sense and good humor.

Landing Where Your Heart Leads

Presenter: Leslie Averill, Vice President, Student Life

When thinking about your career, listening to your inner voice might just be the key to your success. Hearing what our inner voice is saying can be especially hard when it's sending opposite messages than the media or the expectations your family has of you. In this SMARTalk, you will hear how the Vice President of Student Life discovered her dream job and how listening to and following your inner voice may be the key to your long-term career success and happiness.

About Leslie: Dr. Leslie Averill is the Vice President of Student Life at Champlain College. Leslie came to Champlain as an adjunct professor, teaching leadership courses and first-year seminar. She was hired full time in 2005 to open the new IDX Student Life Center, eventually being promoted to Assistant and then Associate VP before earning her current position in April 2012. These days, Leslie is focusing her energy on the Champlain Futures Initiative. Some additional priorities include Health and Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Retention, and delivering on Champlain's commitment to preparing students for their future career through student life experiences. These are each part of Champlain College's 2020 Vision for Enriching Student Life.

Alumni Panel: Extraordinary Career Progression Stories of Champlain College Alumni

Like you, these alumni were sophomores at Champlain at one point in time. Come enjoy listening to how these Champlain Alumni advanced their careers from where they started after graduation to the level of success they enjoy today. "From Whiting Hall to The White House" - you never know...it could be you!

An Insider's Tips on a Career in Game Development

Presenter: Paul Dunstan, Senior Designer, Vicarious Visions

Meet Paul Dunstan, a game industry veteran of over 20 years. Paul will provide an overview of breaking into the world of game development suited for all of Champlain's game majors. Hear about Paul's own experiences plus his advice on how to get hired, what a typical day is like, various specializations, and the effort that goes into making awesome games. 

About Paul: Design is all about solving problems and that's one thing Paul Dunstan, with his 20 years of experience, likes to wrestle with on a daily basis. It's the call of conundrums that has tempted Paul away from his ancestral stomping grounds of the 'sceptered isle' (United Kingdom) to the mighty United States where he now lives and works in beautiful Upstate state New York. It is here that Paul plies his trade as a Senior Designer at Activision studio Vicarious Visions working on AAA titles and generally trying his best to put the 'awesome' into games.

Ask for More, Get More! The Art of Salary Negotiation

Presenter: Lindsey Lathrop-Ryan, Workforce Consultant and Career Coach

Choosing not to negotiate is leaving money on the table. 62% of recent grads avoided negotiating their first job offer, even though 84% of employers said they had room to bump up offers. Salary negotiation doesn't have to be painful. Come learn the skills that will literally pay.

About Lindsey: Lindsey is a national workforce consultant and career coach with over a decade of experience helping people find meaning in their professional lives. She is especially dedicated to empowering women and girls, providing access to meaningful networks and creating opportunities for self-reflection and growth. Lindsey is a certified StartSmart Salary Negotiation Coach (a program by the Association of American University Women).

Design Thinking: Charting Your Career Path

Presenter: Jenni Cathcart, Consumer Insights Manager, Vermont Energy Investment Corp. and Adjunct Professor, Stiller School of Business

Do you want to do meaningful work - but are unsure what that is and how to get there? This dynamic workshop will introduce you to Design Thinking. Through small group exercises and self-reflection, you'll learn how to apply this innovative problem-solving approach to chart your first steps in finding a career path that excites you.

About Jenni: Jenni Cathcart is a classically trained marketer with extensive consumer brand management and consumer research experience on outdoor and fitness brands including Trek, Schwinn and PowerBar. She is the Consumer Insights Manager at VEIC and an adjunct marketing professor at Champlain College.

Developing a Powerful Mindset to Become Unstoppable in Life and Career

Presenter: Kimberly DuBrul, Alumna and Trustee Emeriti, Business, Life and Mindset Coach, Your Year of Transformation Coaching

Have you ever wondered how the most successful people become that way? Or maybe you've never wondered, but you know that you are destined for success. Have you ever made poor decisions and wondered- why do I make these decisions and wished you knew the answer? If any of these resonate with you, come to this workshop to learn why, how and to have some fun getting a grip on your mind and your successful future. Your mindset determines your future!

About Kim: Kimberly DuBrul, a Champlain alumna, is a veteran coach with over 13 years of experience having worked with well over a thousand clients. She is also a speaker, emcee, and enjoys appearing on TV and radio. She lives in Shelburne, Vermont, with her husband of 20 years, John, as well as kiddos and dogs.

Embracing Your Quiet

Presenters: Donna Swartwout, Director, Office of Community Standards, and Linda Murphy, Executive Assistant, President's Office

Learn how to embrace your quiet side and find your power in quiet. This workshop is geared for introverts and their friends that want to understand them better. Consider some leadership strategies and hear how to manage your need for quiet in a world that is talking all the time. Being an introvert can be used to your advantage and you can learn how to manage your need for quiet and still be very successful.

About Donna and Linda: Donna Swartwout is Director of the Office of Community Standards at Champlain College. Donna joined the Champlain College community in July of 2015. She has over 20 years of experience and leadership in student affairs, including substantive work in residence life, student engagement, strategic planning and construction, orientation and teaching. Donna has made a longstanding commitment to student centered processes, enhancing school spirit/pride and collaborative partnerships between academic and student affairs. She is a dedicated leader, supervisor and educator both in and out of the classroom.

Linda Murphy is Executive Assistant to the President at Champlain College. She is a dynamic higher education administrator with over 25 years of experience creating effective teams and communicating the organization's mission, vision and strategic messages. Linda is easily able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, while maintaining composure and a sense of humor. She provided effective leadership for the President's Office during the transition of three college Presidents. Linda has an uncompromising work ethic with strong interpersonal communication skills. She is able to listen effectively and strives to provide creative solutions and exceptional results.

Following Your Passions or "Callings" Can Lead You to Fulfilling Careers

Presenter: Kathy Leo-Nyquist, Associate Professor and Program Director of Education, EHS Division

For many, teaching is a calling, driven by personal passion, beliefs and values. The presenter will share her own call to teach and non-conventional career path and facilitate exercises for participants to explore their own possibilities. In small and whole group discussion, we will share how our own passions and beliefs are leading us to "the call to teach" and then, explore different paths and career opportunities for that work.

About Kathy: Kathy is Program Director and Associate Professor of Education at Champlain College. Trained as an elementary education teacher and reading specialist (licensed in Vermont), Kathy has been in the EHS Division since the fall of 1998. Her goal is to support preservice teachers as they develop and get hands-on experience in the classroom. In her "other life," Kathy also practices and teaches yoga and Pilates.

Going the Extra Mile, but in What Direction?

Presenter: Don Haggerty, Professor of Innovation, Stiller School of Business, and Director of Business Development, Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry

What do Dorando Pietri, Roy Riegels, and Jim Marshall all have in common?  Come find out as we explore how to make sure you are headed in the direction that is right for you on your career path. Using concepts from Appreciative Inquiry, this session will help you explore your personal strengths and how to begin turning what you love to do into what you get paid to do.

About Don: Don Haggerty enjoyed a long career in industry as Director of Business Development for Green Mountain Power and Green Mountain Energy Company, and Partner, Action to Excellence, before joining Champlain College in 2007. Since arriving at Champlain, Don has worn many hats including roles as Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, Professor in the MBA Program, and Interim Dean of the ITS Division. He also led the development of a new Service Learning and Internship Program at the Breckenridge campus of Colorado Mountain College. Currently, Don teaches Innovation classes and also serves as Director of Business Development for the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry.

Helping from Behind the Screen

Presenter: Duane Dunston, Associate Professor, ITS Division

In this session, Duane will discuss the varying paths he took in order to become a Professor of Information Security and an advocate of anti-Human Trafficking.  Do you have goals that you want to achieve?  Do you have a specific path you want to take? How about a social cause you are passionate about, but aren't sure how to get involved? Duane will discuss the reasons why he didn't conform to a specific path to achieve his dream job.  Also, he talks about the reasons to get involved in social causes and how to get involved on varying levels.

About Duane: Duane Dunston is Associate Professor in the ITS Division. He joined Champlain College in August 2012. He's been in Information Security since 1997. He graduated from Pfeiffer University with a BS in Sociology and a Master's in Organizational Management. Duane is also a mentor for the Vermont Cyberpatriots Program and a mentor for a cyberpatriot girl scouts troop in NY and a school in Oklahoma.  He has written two novels about a computer hacker that helps law enforcement track down human traffickers, Twisted Greed and Point of Interception. He donates 100% of the royalties from his novels to organization that support victims of human trafficking. Duane is a volunteer security consultant with International Association of Human Traffickers and Investigators. He is working with Champlain students to develop technologies to facilitate the identification of trafficked victims. 

Psst! Hey You: It's Your Future Self Speaking

Presenter: Sharon Snow, Certified Professional Coach

Yeah I know you have this fuzzy picture in your head of you five years from now raking in the cash, or doing power lunches, or designing the "game of the century," but how ya gonna get there, huh? So here's the thing, everything you do or don't do makes that picture of us a little clear or erases us into oblivion. Come to this workshop and we'll make a plan together. I'm counting on you.

About Sharon: Sharon Snow is a Certified Professional Coach with 15 years of experience coaching college students, emerging women leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs. She is a social worker and advocate for social justice especially around issues of poverty and access to housing. She received her master's from Texas Woman's University.

Rise with Purpose: Why finding your purpose unlocks untapped potential

Presenter: Will Watson, Partner, Like Humans; Springer Harris, Teucrium Trading LLC; and Jacob Hanley, People's United Bank

Humans rise with purpose. In this workshop we'll share our stories as three successful young businessmen in the Burlington area and how we're using purpose to unlock our potential and find greater engagement with our jobs and our lives. This workshop will cover a theoretical basis for clarifying purpose and will look at what makes people happy at work. Participants will work through a basic purpose to consider their own purpose, and will be provided with tools to reflect upon that as a central component of their education and career moving forward.

About Will, Springer, and Jacob: Will Watson is a cofounder of the organizational design consultancy, Like Humans. Like Humans helps organizations and leaders see and unlock their true human potential cultivating values-based, purpose-driven leaders and cultures. He's currently working to make the Future of Work happier and more fulfilling. 

Springer Harris works with Teucrium Trading, LLC, a financial investment firm offering single-commodity exchange traded products. Springer is also the President of the Burlington Rotary Club and has recently organized the first annual Vermont Ski and Ride Expo.

Jacob Hanley is a Financial Advisor at People's United Bank, working to create long-term value by partnering with individuals and families to plan their financial future. Jake is a member of the Burlington Rotary Club.

The Unspoken Rules of the Art World

Presenter: Chris Thompson, MFA '14 and Curator in Residence

To build a successful career as an artist, simply working hard and having a great-looking portfolio is not enough. You need to learn the unspoken rules that govern the art world and how to bend them to your advantage. In this Career SMARTalk, artist-turned-curator Chris Thompson divulges surprising secrets of how the art world really works and how to prepare yourself for a successful career in the arts.

About Chris: Chris Thompson, a 2014 graduate of Champlain's MFA Program, is Curator in Residence for Champlain College. He is a Board Member of the South End Art and Business Association, a Founding Member of Generator, and was involved in the Launch of the Champlain Maker Lab. Chris has been an Adjunct Faculty member in the Creative Media Department here at Champlain, was a Lecturer in the Art History Department at UVM, spent four years as Chief Curator and Exhibitions Director at BCA Contemporary Art Center, was Chief Technology Officer for Gardener's Supply Company for six years, and was Advanced Technology Director at Jager Di Paola Kemp Design.

Turbocharge Your Future with Continuous Learning

Presenter: Craig Pepin, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Assessment, Core Division

Learning doesn't stop when you cross the stage and the President hands you your well-earned degree. No, like the sharks who can never stop swimming, we all continue to learn throughout our lives. But without feedback, how do you know when you've learned something and what you've learned? This workshop will introduce you to one way to identify and analyze moments of learning in your experiences, and how to incorporate what you've learned into your job, your relationships, your life.  

About Craig: Craig is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Assessment in the Core Division. He has also co-taught the International Business Capstone for five years. He is also Book Review Editor for the Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness and a Board Member of the New England Education Assessment Network. Craig earned his PhD in European History from Duke University. You might also know him as the host of Speak Easy.

You Can't Afford Not to Go: Study Abroad and International Internships

Presenter: Sarah DeShaw, Study Abroad Advisor

Having an international experience adds value to your undergraduate education and enhances your opportunity for jobs and career advancement. Learn about Champlain College's signature guided immersion programs in Montreal, Quebec; Dublin, Ireland; Shanghai, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Auckland, New Zealand; and Ifrane, Morocco, that combine study abroad with opportunities for internships, service learning and volunteer work that will build your resume and provide personal and professional growth.