2015 Sophomore Symposium Breakout Career SMARTalks

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Meet the Keynote:

Continuing the Conversation

Lauren BergerPresenter: Lauren Berger, Keynote

Did Lauren's remarks intrigue you enough to want to learn more? Join our keynote speaker for this special follow-up session, with additional time for Q&A, and gain helpful tips to further your own career aspirations.

Bio: Lauren Berger is known as "The Intern Queen" and Chief Executive Officer of InternQueen.com. She is the author of the National Campus Best-Seller, ALL WORK NO PAY: Finding An Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience (Ten Speed/Random House), and arguably the nation's most in-demand career/internship expert. She has been internationally recognized for her work with young people and her entrepreneurial spirit has attracted millions of job and internship seekers. Recently, Berger has been featured on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, The New York Times, The New York Post, Teen Vogue, Bloomberg, LA Weekly, and more. She regularly contributes to AOL Jobs, USA Today, Huffington Post, Seventeen.com, Justine Magazine, and more.

Berger started InternQueen.com in September of 2009 when she was 24 years old. She is from Clearwater, Florida, and attended Countryside High School. Berger graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2006 and her first job was working at Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills. Berger thanks Tracy Brennan, one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, for her strong work ethic and ability to work efficiently and effectively. In 2008, Berger was recognized by famous movie producer, Marshall Herskovitz, who helped her get started on her own and guided the brand. 

Getting Into the Mind of the Gopher: How to Get Hired

Presenter: Don Laackman, President of Champlain College

Learn how to prepare for interviews, handle different types of interviews, and follow-up in order to make the most of your job and internship search efforts. Prepare for the job you want.

Landing Where Your Heart Leads

Presenter: Leslie Averill, Vice President, Student Life

When thinking about your career, listening to your inner voice might just be the key to your success. Hearing what our inner voice is saying can be especially hard when it's sending opposite messages than the media or the expectations your family has of you. In this Career SMARTalk, you will hear how the Vice President of Student Life discovered her dream job and how listening to and following your inner voice may be the key to your long-term career success and happiness.

In Transition: How an Executive in the Ski Industry Ended Up in Higher Education

Presenter: David Provost, Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Finance

David Provost will share a series of exercises he went through in deciding to leave a 13-year career in the winter sports business to come to Champlain. These simple but revealing exercises will help anyone get clearer about his or her own career path. Forks in the Road, Priorities and Motivational Profile are just some of the activities we'll explore.

Being Good in the Room: How to Approach Meetings and Creative Partnerships

Presenter: Julia Swift, Assistant Professor, Division of Communication and Creative Media

Learn how to use your life experiences to connect with coworkers, employers and an audience.  Discover the difference between TMI and WOW. Julia is a new Champlain College faculty member. Three of her produced TV episodes (for "Smallville" and "Hercules") were chosen as "Pick of the Week" by Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide.

Beyond the Resume in the Proof Economy: Portfolio Building

Presenter: Mieko Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator & Small Business Owner, University of Vermont Office of Sustainability

This workshop will focus on preparing, building, and launching your professional brand through storytelling and portfolio building. Participants will learn some dynamic tools for marketing yourself to potential employers (both online and offline) and exploring career opportunities. You will learn to prepare professional materials while in school and how to put your best foot forward. Students will start thinking about how they can prepare materials for their portfolio while in school.

Embracing Your Quiet

Presenters: Donna Swartwout, Interim Director, Office of Student Conduct, and Linda Murphy, Executive Assistant to the President

Learn how to embrace your quiet side and find your power in quiet. This workshop is geared for introverts and their friends that want to understand them better. Consider some leadership strategies and hear how to manage your need for quiet in a world that is talking all the time. Being an introvert can be used to your advantage and you can learn how to manage your need for quiet and still be very successful.

I QUIT!  The Do's and Don'ts of Quitting Gracefully

Presenter: Lindsey Lathrop-Ryan, Career Coach & Consultant, Unstuck Coaching 

The first step toward your next career opportunity is leaving your last one (and, statistically, you're going to have many careers in your lifetime)! While this sounds scary and you have many excuses for staying at your job, there's a way to quit with grace. If you want to learn how to navigate your exit in a way that leaves a positive impression and helps your reputation - don't miss this workshop!  Over 90% of Millennials don't anticipate staying at a job more than three years. That's a lot of leaving! Quitting with grace helps better your chances of you keeping your contacts and your reputation intact.

International Internships: Explore China

Presenters: Callie Browning '17, Lauren Buniva '16, Liza Fowler '16, Seth Aubin '17, Jeffrey Diehl '17, and alumna Shelby Adams '15

For the past three summers, the Freeman Family Foundation has generously awarded grants to Champlain College to underwrite the cost of sending students to China for a three-month internship program. To date, 40 students have had this experience of a lifetime. Hear stories from recent Freeman ambassadors about what it was like to study, live, and intern in Shanghai, a skyscraper-studded global financial center.

Love Beta: Consciousness of Chaos and the Art of Perpetual Curiosity and Empathy

Presenter: Michael Jager, Chief Creative Officer, Solidarity of Unbridled Labour (formerly Jager Di Paola Kemp Design)

Designing the life you love demands fearless furious focus and a love of evolution because design never sleeps and culture is a river you can never step into twice. With nearly three decades of design, fears, flows, futures, and friendships, this session is designed to share a series of insights, stories, and possibilities to help fuel curiosity into what can be and what potential truly matters as we design our lives and what we do with them. Designing the life you love demands fearless furious focus and a love of evolution because design never sleeps and culture is a river you can never step into twice.

Maximizing Your Twenties: Time, Connection and Experience

Presenter: Stephanie Hainley MBA '12, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Project Manager, White + Burke Real Estate Investment Advisors

As you enter this critical decade, how will you use time to your advantage, make meaningful connections, and experience the world? What would you like to see when you look back at 30? And what do an animal shelter and the stock market have in common? In this session, we'll answer these questions, with participants leading the direction of the discussion--covering such topics as "recalculating," striking the right balance, beta-testing life theories, time/project management, avoiding being uni-faceted, and giving attention where it's due. Unafraid of being completely transparent, Stephanie will share her lessons-learned (so far) in her nine-year career in commercial development, her transformative process after tragedy, and her bite-sized rules for navigating the world as she knows it.

Network for Success: Acing the Informational Interview

Presenter: Jenni Cathcart, Manager-Consumer Insights, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Informational interviews are an effective tool for learning more about specific interest areas and building professional connections. In this workshop, you'll learn:

    1. How to network effectively to land an informational interview
    2. What prep is a must-have
    3. Which questions to ask--and which to avoid
    4. How and when to follow-up

Networking, Service and the Link to Professional Success

Presenters: Kyle Dodson, Director, Center for Service and Civic Engagement, and Springer Harris 

A common suggestion to young people who are just starting their career, is for them to "network."   But just what does this mean?  In this session, two different individuals, from two different generations (Millennial and Gen X) will share what we've learned about networking and will give you some practical advice about "how to do it."

Pink Lego Houses

Presenter: Kathy Seiler, Science Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Division of Information Technology and Sciences

Ever wished you had a woman mentor to help you navigate a male-dominated field?  Wondered how to balance a career with wanting a family?  Dr. Seiler will relate her experiences as a female scientist, wife and mother, and lessons learned along the way.

Say What?!

Presenter: Cinse Bonino, Director, Center for Instructional Practice

Explore how often we assume people understand our words and actions when in fact they don't. Then consider the flip side - how we are so sure what someone meant by what they said or did but discover they actually meant something else entirely. Communication is slippery. It takes good observation skills, a willingness to be authentic, and the courage to keep going until everyone understands. Are you gentle and pushy enough to be an excellent communicator?

Scaffolding a Career: Falling Into Things Backwards

Presenter: Patricia Preston, Assistant Director, Vermont Council on World Affairs

Feeling uncertain about what you want to do next or unclear about how to get there? This session will explore strategies for making yourself competitive for a myriad of occupations. Patricia will discuss her unique career path and the skill set she built to get her there. Additionally, she will provide tips for landing interesting positions in your desired field. The aim of this workshop is to ease your mind and leave you inspired. You'll learn how to build a toolkit for success in any field.

Stand Out: How to Make an Unforgettable Impression

Presenter: Colin Ryan, Speaker and Comedian

Speaker and comedian Colin Ryan walks students through a highly interactive session on facing fear, learning from failure, sustaining happiness, and pursuing your dream. Not only will it be funny, it will give students rock-solid strategies to project confidence, improve public speaking, master the interview, build connections with employers, and tell their own story in truly stand-out fashion.

The Path to Becoming a Digital Forensic Investigator

Presenter: Alexander J. Caron, GCFE, ACE, Sr. Cyber Security/Digital Forensic Analyst, Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI)

Alexander Caron will take you on his journey from undergraduate studies at Champlain College to a job as an Analyst with the Department of Defense and back to Burlington teaching and mentoring the current generation of cyber professionals. You'll hear how internships helped him develop the experience that made employers take notice and learn about the process of getting a job with the government and working some high-level cases.

The Unspoken Rules of the Art World

Presenter: Chris Thompson, MFA '14 and Curator in Residence

To build a successful career as an artist, simply working hard and having a great looking portfolio is not enough. You need to learn the unspoken rules that govern the art world and how to bend them to your advantage. In this Career SMARTalk, artist-turned-curator Chris Thompson divulges surprising secrets of how the art world really works and how to prepare yourself for a successful career in the arts.

Three Paths to Success in the Creative Industry: Entrepreneur for Social Impact, Video Game Designer, and Academic Researcher/Filmmaker

Presenters: Angelique Mannella, Founder, Decode Global; Tanya Short, Founder of an Independent Game Studio; and Gina Haraszti, Creative Director, Technoculture, Art and Games Research Center at Concordia University  

Angelique will talk about what social entrepreneurship is, describe her experiences as a social entrepreneur, and give advice on launching a social venture. Tanya will talk about the benefits of working at a larger game studio vs. being more entrepreneurial/independent, and then give advice for each "path." Gina will tell stories about being a filmmaker, her experience at school, and her real world experience.

Understanding the Market Value of Volunteering

Presenter: Abraham Rash, UVM Campus Peace Corps Recruiter

One of the most frustrating problems for recent graduates is the "must have 2-5 years of experience" trap, in which supposedly entry-level positions demand the very experience that applicants are hoping to gain. Too often, students focus only on internships as the only solution to this problem, and discount volunteering. This workshop examines the skills developed via volunteering experience, and offers multiple examples of ways in which rising seniors can position themselves to enter the employment market on their terms.

What's Missing? to Make Your Own Business!

Presenter: Rosalynne (Roz) Whitaker-Heck, Associate Dean for Administration/Associate Professor, Center for Communication and Creative Media

Learn how to recognize the "what's missing?" opportunities that you can turn into a business venture.  Dr. Roz will share her story of how she started a natural hair venture by recognizing a void and building a money-making business in only 5 months. The session will highlight how to recognize and analyze the potential for starting a business, how to team it, and how to use strategies to attract your clients for practically no money. Session participants are encouraged to bring their business ideas for discussion. 

You Can't Afford Not to Go: Study Abroad

Presenter: Jim Cross, Associate Provost, International Education and Senior International Officer

Having an international experience adds value to your undergraduate education and enhances your opportunity for jobs and career advancement. Learn about Champlain College's signature guided immersion programs in Montreal, Quebec; Dublin, Ireland; Shanghai, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Auckland, New Zealand; and Ifrane, Morocco, that combine study abroad with opportunities for internships, service learning and volunteer work that will build your resume and provide personal and professional growth.