LEAD Peer Advisors

LEAD Peer Advisors: A Great Leadership Opportunity

Who are LEAD Peer Advisors?

Peer Advisors (PA's) are a group of student leaders who work for the LEAD program. These are students who have a desire to help their fellow students and have a passion for the LEAD program. They take part in a two-week training program and additional training in their specific specialty as needed.

What do Peer Advisors do?

The Peer Advisor's job is two-fold. First, they are assigned a group of first-year students whom they help navigate through their first-year requirements. PA's are also there as a friend and resource to their advisees. They provide social programming in the residence hall and make a point to check in with their advisees on a regular basis.

The second piece of the PA job is to facilitate or support LEAD events. This includes running simulations on campus, facilitating discussions on controversial topics, holding dinners to listen to student feedback on the LEAD program and administering some of the financial workshops. All PA's are involved in running large LEAD initiatives such as the LEAD piece of orientation and the Sophomore Symposium.

When do I meet my Peer Advisor?

First-year students will meet their PA when they move into their residence hall at orientation. PA's will have group and individual meetings with their advisees during the first few weeks of school to set a course of action in completing their LEAD requirements and also to check-in with how the transition to Champlain is going.

How can I become a LEAD Peer Advisor?

We start recruitment for PA's each January for the upcoming academic year. Look for emails, flyers and posters or talk to a current PA for recruitment information. We hope to hear from you!

Applications to become a LEAD Peer Advisor have closed for 2016-2017 academic year.