Sophomore Symposium Workshops

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The Citizenship of Business

Presenter: Ian Mortimer, Vice President of Enrollment
This session is all about sharing and learning key principles of market structures, branding theories and other business rules so that you can read the Wall Street Journal with confidence and say, "Oh, I get what is going on here". This session is about learning five important facts about business and market structures that will be valuable as you go through your life and help make you a better informed Citizen of Business.

Just Go For It! Journey From Artsy High-School Student with Average Grades to Building a Career Around Video-Games

Presenter: Marc Wilhelm, Assistant Professor, CCM
Often we hear about "dream jobs" or starting a "successful career at x company." Is there such a thing? How would you get there and what should you expect in an internship, job or career? How can you make your passion into success? Marc will share his journey to inspire you to find your own path to beginning a career that you love. Topics will include life-long learning, taking chances and getting & staying inspired.

The Call to Teach 

Presenter: John Everitt, Former Superintendent of South Burlington School District
For many, teaching is a calling, driven by personal passion, beliefs, and values. We will share how our own passions and beliefs are leading us to the education profession. We will also review some of the current ideas for change in education.

Not Just a Police Officer or a Lawyer - Combining Your Interests with a Passion for Justice

Presenter: Sandi Everitt, Former Lawyer for the Vermont Attorney General's Office
Successful careers in criminal justice or legal studies happen when an individual's interests are combined with their passion for justice. Where do you belong?  This workshop focuses on discovering how your interests combine with serving justice.  Through discussion you'll explore your interests, how to maximize your criminal justice or legal studies work and learn a technique to grow your criminal justice or legal career as your interests grow and change.

Why Writers Make Great Editors

Presenter: Susan Mahany, Auxiliary Services Assistant
In a fantasy world, there would be endless amounts of space for articles and endless amounts of time to read them. But in this world, word counts rule. People are busy and they need to get information clearly, in as few words as possible, and then know what action to take. There is a lot of important, undistributed knowledge that needs exposure, and one possible role of a writer is to find it and edit it so that it is usable. When I published and edited a magazine about natural health in the Atlanta area, most of my contributors were chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists and other specialized professionals that were not writers, but their content was rich. In this workshop, you will practice editing a long, important article into a concise, action-oriented summary.

For the Love of Design - Tips to a Successful Design Career

Presenter: Ann Kiley, Local Graphic Designer
After twenty years as a designer Ann can still say she loves it. There is no secret to why that is, she was smart enough to choose a profession that she loves, it's never boring, it's constantly changing, and always challenging. Ann has worked with local and national clients as a freelancer and within studio environments. In this workshop you will learn Ann's tips and life's lessons as a designer and have a chance to ask your own questions about what it takes to be a successful graphic designer.

Psychology Is Everywhere

Presenter: Nicole Handel, Psychology Major Class of 2015
This workshop focuses on how psychology translates into every major offered at Champlain College and how it comes in handy in various work environments. Among other things we will explore the different career paths within psychology that previous graduates have taken and other paths that are more obscure. To conclude we will explore how psychology can enhance aspects of one's life outside the classroom and workplace.


Continuing The Conversation

Presenter: Daniel Seddiqui
Spend more time with the Keynote speaker and learn more about his experience Living the Map.

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 25 Years-Old:  Lessons from a 31-Year Business Career

Presenter: Chuck Maniscalco, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Chuck will share the biggest lessons...aha moments...he experienced as an executive with both large, Fortune 100 and small businesses, and how these moments transformed his career and his life.  Participants will have the opportunity, after a quick overview, to vote on the lessons to focus on during the session.

In Transition: How an Executive in the Ski Industry Ended Up in Higher Education

Presenter: David Provost, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration
David Provost, will share a series of exercises he went through in deciding to leave a 13 year career in the winter sports business to come to Champlain. These simple but revealing exercises will help anyone get clearer about his or her own career path. Forks in the Road, Priorities and Motivational Profile are just some of the activities we'll explore.

Study Abroad: You Can't Afford Not To Go

Presenter: Jim Cross, Associate Provost and Senior International Officer
Having an international experience adds value to your undergraduate education and enhances your opportunity for jobs and career advancement. Learn about Champlain College's signature guided immersion programs in Montreal, Quebec, Dublin, Ireland, Shanghai, China, Buenos Aries, Argentina, Auckland, New Zealand and Ifrane, Morocco, that combine study abroad with opportunities for internships, service learning and volunteer work that will build your resume and provide personal and professional growth.

Helping From Behind The Screen

Presenter: Duane Dunston, Assistant Professor, ITS
In this session, Duane will discuss the varying paths he took in order to become a Professor of Information Security and an advocate of anti-Human Trafficking. Do you have goals that you want to achieve? Do you have a specific path you want to take? How about a social cause you are passionate about, but aren't sure how to get involved? Duane will discuss the reasons why he didn't conform to a specific path to achieve his dream job. Also, he talks about the reasons to get involved in social causes and how to get involved on varying levels.

Life After Champlain: Turning Dreams Into Reality - An Alumni Panel

Presenter: Pat Boera, Career Advisor, Stiller School of Business
Learn how several Champlain College graduates leveraged their talents and skills to land positions with some of Vermont's leading for-profit and non-profit employers.  You'll hear stories from young professionals, representing all four academic divisions, who earned their degrees and successfully transitioned from the classroom to the workplace.  The workshop will offer an opportunity to begin building your professional network with alumni who live and work locally. Takeaways for you? ...A handful of business cards, some new contacts for your future internship search, and even a few sweet seasonal treats!

Student Leadership Panel

Presenter: Lisa Mazzariello, Director of the IDX Student Life Center
Come meet some of our amazing student leaders and learn how their experiences have helped them grow and improve their own leadership capacity. Find out different opportunities that you can be involved in and how it can positively impact your experience. Meet the leaders that you want to be connected to in a fun and casual Q and A setting.


Landing Where Your Heart Leads

Presenter: Leslie Averill, Vice President of Student Life
When thinking about your career listening to your inner voice might just be the key to your success. Hearing what our inner voice is saying can be especially hard when it's sending opposite messages then the media or the expectations your family has of you. In this workshop you will hear how the Vice President of Student Life at Champlain College discovered her dream job and how listening to and following your inner voice may be the key to your long term career success and happiness.

Fail Forward

Presenter: Charlie Nagelschmidt, Professor for the Stiller School of Business
Do you have a dream? A passion? A plan? Are you waiting for someone to hand it to you or are you going for it? Are you a person who thinks failure is a bad thing? Do you hesitate to take action because you're afraid to fail? Let's pause and focus on the upside of failure and how to leverage failure to achieve your dreams. Prepare to turn your world upside-down as you learn to re-frame your actions to "fail forward." Learn how failure can (and should) be a good thing.

Discovering Your Talents

Presenter: Heidi Wrighton, Career Advisor, EHS & Daphne Walker, Career Advisor, CCM
Imagine a job where you have the opportunity to do what you do best -- every day. What would that job look like for you? Who would you work with, where would you work, and what type of activities would you be doing?


The Human Resources Perspective...What does HR really think when you interview?

Presenter: Mary M. Lee, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development
Are you curious to learn about what really happens when you apply for a job? In this workshop you'll get behind the scenes insight into the interviewing process from an HR standpoint. You will learn about navigating the resume black hole, getting past human resources, networking, how you are really perceived during interviews, what happens to your resume, what the hiring team is looking for, and what they really think of you as a candidate. Tattoos, grades, juvenile records, they mater? And tips on navigating the money and job offer. This will be a very practical, candid discussion with valuable information for your job search.

Would YOU Hire Your Social Media Self?

Presenter: Nichole Magoon, Digital Community Manager
When it comes to a job search and your career, social media can be your best friend - or your worst enemy...the choice is yours. Sure, those Instagrammed party pictures and tweets about playing hooky to hit the fresh powder might be fine now, but what happens when a future employer finds them long after you've forgotten about posting them?In this funny and engaging presentation, learn how the content you're posting today impacts your current life AND your future job search. Discover:· Surefire ways to deep clean your past• Tips to beef up your digital footprint - digitally dress to impress and get found• Surprising truths about what your social voice says about you.

Surviving As A Freelancer

Presenter: JoAnn Patel, Assistant Professor Game Art & Animation
If you're an artist or designer, it's likely that you'll work on a freelance basis at some point in your career. This session will discuss the things you need to know to build a successful, freelance career.

Crucial Conversations - Preparing for Life's High Stakes ConversationsBased on the book: Crucial Conversations, by Kerry Paterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler

Presenter: Akshar Patel, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
We live in a world surrounded by crucial conversations. From talking to your professor about a grade, to deciding where to go on spring break with your friends, we are constantly in high stakes situations. Come learn about the techniques that top influencers use when emotions run strong, opinions differ, and making a decisions becomes hard. You'll be surprised to learn who amongst your peers can hold a crucial conversation!

Deconstructing The Leader

Presenter: Dan O'Hara, Associate Director of Leadership & Meaghan MacDonald, Area Coordinator
What do you think a leader should look like? If you're anything like us, your constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of images of different kinds of leaders through various media outlets. But, hopefully you might feel the way that we feel, and ask yourself: Should we really be looking to these people as our leadership role models? Do we have to look and act like the politicians, reports or other public figures we see on a daily basis? We HOPE NOT! Our hope is that everyone can find the empowerment to step up and be a leader, whether it's in their building, on campus, or in Burlington. Our message is simple, we want everyone to know they can be a leader one way or another. We're going to spend some time talking about leadership strategies, and some possible leadership opportunities on the Champlain campus.

5 Ways To Rock Your Internship

Presenter: Kerry Hill, Career Development Coordinator for Navigate
Ever wonder how to be a total rock star at your internship? Or maybe you have worried about making your internship into a career? In this workshop we will cover the top five hints and tricks to make sure that you stand out to a potential future employer. We will cover topic areas from branding yourself on social media to gracefully asking for a job and everything in between. Get ready for a crash course in internship professionalism 101.

Skills That Pay The Bills

Presenter: Mark Zammuto, Career Advisor, ITS
This interactive workshop highlights the transferable workplace skills that are most valued by employers (based on research). Workshop participants will speculate what skills/attributes employers most often consider when making hiring and promotion decisions. There will be balloons and prizes!

Corporate Social Responsibility - What's Your Role?

Presenter: Kyle Dodson, Director Center for Service and Civic Engagement & Maggie Melvin, Assistant Director Center for Service and Civic Engagement
Do you want to make a difference in the world? Do you think it's important to for a company to give back to their community? What do companies like Starbucks, Seventh Generation, and Ben & Jerry's have to say about it? Come talk with staff from the Center for Service and Civic Engagement office about being engaged in your community and the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility.


Presenter: Jayson Boyers, Director of Continuing Professional Studies
Social Media matters today more than ever for your professional brand. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you know why it should matter? Should you invest as much time in your professional social media as you do in your personal platforms? Could you develop a brand that could significantly increase your earnings and advance your career at a faster pace by investing time now in developing your online brand. Come hear why developing your online story and portfolio can help you create opportunities as you drive towards your future.

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