Changing Your Major

Thinking of Changing Your Major?

While all matriculated students enter Champlain with a major, many change directions before graduation, sometimes more than once! Your advisors are important resources in this decision. Consider the following.

  • Most students are uncertain of their major upon entering college.
  • Many college graduates report that they are not working in careers directly related to their majors 10 years after graduation.
  • As rapidly as the world of work is changing, the career path you enter upon graduation will most certainly evolve in unexpected ways throughout your work life.
  • Choose an area of study that sparks your interest and makes you want to learn more.

Don't be afraid to take advantage of all your campus resources.

  • Conduct self-assessment with your career planning advisor. What are your interests? Skills? Values? Visit Career Resources for more.
  • Review syllabi for courses from different majors—talk to the faculty
  • Connect with alumni in fields you would like to explore
  • Discuss curricular possibilities with your faculty or academic advisor

Choosing a major can be a lengthy process that looks very different from your residence hall room than it did from your guidance counselor's office. Knowing yourself and what you value is an important first step in making a good decision.

If you would like to change your major after you have applied and before the end of the first week of classes—you need to contact the Admissions Office rather than the Registrar's Office.

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