Registration occurs twice per year, in the fall and spring, for on-campus students, and at various times for continuing professional studies and graduate students. Below you will find quick reference guides regarding our degree programs, Student Ed Plans, and processes. To the left are links to further instructions based on your student status.

Quick Reference Links:

  • Link to College Catalog 
  • To access prior editions of the College Catalog, find the starting year and select a major in this database!
  • Quick reference guide for students registering via the Student Ed Plan. Click here
  • Quick reference guide for students not required to register via the Student Ed Plan. Click here.
  • Faculty advisor directions for adding a course to an advisee's Ed Plan. Click here.
  • Faculty memo describing Advising/Ed Plan/Registration processes. Click Here.
  • The following video instructions were created by student Michael Angel as a guide for registration for 2013 spring classes, but it is a useful guide for registration in general.

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