Full-Time Student Registration

NOTICE TO FULL TIME STUDENTS: In order to avoid the $200.00 late fee, please register prior to the October 29th deadline!

Select Your Courses

In WebAdvisor, access your "Student Educational Plan Worksheet." It allows you to plan what courses you would like to take in upcoming semesters. You can select the courses you need from your Program Evaluation ensuring all courses you select are required for graduation. You can also find available sections, and register for them directly from your Worksheet!

Traditional Student Ed Plan Requirement

If you are a traditional student falling into one of the following categories you MUST obtain approval by your Faculty Advisor in order to register!

  • First-year Student or fewer than 30 completed credits.
  • All Students on Academic Probation.
  • Specific program or group designated as requiring approval by your Academic Division.
  • Transfer students entering Champlain in summer or fall 2014.

Obtain your faculty advisor's phone number and email address by clicking on the "My Profile" link in WebAdvisor. We strongly encourage you to contact your faculty advisor as soon as possible so you have sufficient time to connect with him or her prior to your registration window. Please Note: This approval process is completed online through your worksheet. In this process you are only permitted to register for the specific courses your advisor has approved! Therefore, we encourage you to make second choices and have them approved in case something is full.

Adult Students and Traditional Students with no Ed Plan Requirement

No advisor approval required. We encourage you to connect with your advisor however, if you are unsure about graduation requirements or course sequencing.

Register Once Your Registration Window Opens and Avoid the Late Fee!

All full-time students will be allowed to begin registering on a specific day and time, determined by number of credit hours earned. Find out your date and time by clicking on the "My Registration Window" link under the Registration heading in WebAdvisor. Beginning on October 20th  you may register anytime after your window opens until the end of the registration period on October 28th. You may continue to modify your schedule until the end of Spring add/drop week, January 16th, 2015. However, you must be registered full-time before October 29th to avoid the $200.00 late fee.

STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS for registering via the Student Ed Plan worksheet in Web Advisor

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