Returning to Champlain College

Students who wish to return to Champlain College as an undergraduate student after any separation must complete a formal application for readmission. Readmission allows a former degree candidate to resume a degree program. The process for returning is based on a student's status when they were last enrolled. Readmission is appropriate if you:

  • Withdrew from the College for any reason
  • Were dismissed or suspended

All readmission applications are considered through the Registrar's Office. Readmission is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

Students within the Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) division should contact their Academic Advisor. CPS students are not required to submit the readmission form below.

Tuition Deposit Form - As part of the readmission process, the Tuition Deposit Form MUST be completed. Traditional students will not be officially allowed to register for classes until this form has been submitted.


Undeclared: Students who have earned 30 or more credits, may not return to Champlain as Undeclared students without meeting with a member of the Registrar's Office or the Office of Admissions.

Inactive Programs: Students wishing to return to the College in academic programs that have been inactivated may do so only with the permission of the Provost. Should you fall into this category, a member of the Registrar's Office will contact you upon receipt of your readmission form.

Catalog Year: A student who has been separated from the College for more than two consecutive semesters will be placed in the current catalog year.  This will ensure the student is meeting all the degree requirements of the program.

Credits limitations: The maximum number of credits that may be transferred is 75.

Deadlines:  To be considered for the spring semester readmission applications must be completed by December 1st.  To be considered for the fall semester readmission applications must be completed by August 1st.  

Readmission for Graduation: Students who wish to be reactivated or readmitted to Champlain in order to transfer in remaining credits for graduation should contact the Registrar's Office at 802-860-2777.

Readmission after Academic Dismissal or Suspension:  A Student who has been dismissed for academic reasons or suspended for nonacademic reasons is eligible to request reinstatement through the process outlined in the Readmission Policy. Upon receipt of the readmission application and all corresponding documents, the dean of the division and/or VP of Student Life will review the application package and render a decision.  Reinstatement is not guaranteed, even if the student has met all the conditions stated above. Readmission is subject to availability in each program.  Every readmission application will be reviewed and a decision letter sent to the student.

Transcripts: Students who completed credits at another college after leaving Champlain must have an official transcript forwarded to the Registrar's Office at Champlain. These transcripts should reflect all academic work undertaken since the student left Champlain. If the student is approved for readmission with coursework in progress, student's admission status will be provisional pending receipt of the final transcript.

Residential Life: While Champlain College does not guarantee on-campus housing for readmitted students, students are welcome to contact the Champlain College Residential Life Department concerning availability of on-campus housing: 802-865-5487.