About Us

Transportation at Champlain College, including parking, shuttles, walking and biking, is managed by the Sustainable Transportation Coordinator, Nic Anderson. Nic is an avid biker, has a degree in Planning and has spent the last few years working as a planner for the City of Burlington and volunteering a lot of his 'free' time to local people powered transportation organizations such as Local Motion and Burlington Walk Bike Council. This position is under Champlain's Sustainability Office, Sustain Champlain, with support from Campus Safety, the Transportation Committee, CATMA and Champlain's Physical Plant.

Campus Public Safety manages the two Student Activities vans and annual driver certification training. See the Campus Fleet Safety Policy for more information. They also supply the Transportation Waiver for classes and student outings.


  • Way To Go! Commuter Challenge for employees (Winner of Large Employer Award in 2008; Honorable Mention for Large Employer in 2011, 2012, 2013; Campus Winner for Fall 2013 Challenge)
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters (2007-2013)

Transportation Committee

This committee is a group of faculty, staff, students and key partner organizations who helps implement the current 2013 Campus Transportation Plan. 2014-2015 Members:Nic Anderson, Rich Long, John Caulo, Christina Erickson, Kyle Viehmann, Karen Dusini, Linda Wheeler, Danelle Berube, Jean-Marie Severance, Fritz Burkhardt, Jon DelaBruere '15, Billy St. Louis '15, Kara Bard '18, Corey Mack (RSG) and Katie Martin (CATMA)


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