Visitor Parking & Miscellaneous Information

Visitor parking

Guests of the College are strongly encouraged to park in off-site areas, if possible. Employees may obtain a visitor permit for a guest by visiting, logging in to your parking account (or make one) and selecting the date that the temporary permit is needed for. This process takes three minutes or less and at the end you either print the temporary permit to give to your guest, or 'print' to PDF and email to them. Click the link for a PDF with more detailed instructions.

Students and employees who wish to obtain permits for themselves due to extenuating circumstances should still email at least three days before the temporary permit is needed. If there is an emergency or special circumstance on the day, please contact Nic Anderson at 865-8464 or Public Safety at 865-6465 with a vehicle description and location, so that the vehicle will not be ticketed.

Visitors: Please click here for a map of campus and off-site parking areas.

Weekend parking

Faculty, staff and students are allowed to park in a number of zones after 4:00pm on Friday until 8:00am Monday morning. Keep in mind, some lots are restricted 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 24/7 Restricted lots are Perry Hall, Skiff Hall, Boardman Hall and all of Finney Quad. Enforcement is underaken 24/7. The College reserves the right to close these lots during certain times of the year to accommodate parking for campus events.

Parking for Break Periods

Parking lots designated for student use are closed during break periods. Parking during these times is not available. Students living on campus over a scheduled break should contact the Campus Public Safety Office to obtain instructions on where to park. This includes-but is not limited to-semester breaks and spring break.


The city of Burlington has a no idling ordinance which restricts vehicle idling to three minutes, with certain exemptions. Idling pollutes, can increase health issues and wastes gas. Learn more here.

Vehicle Breakdowns

If you are parking in a Champlain College lot and experience car trouble please contact the UVM Motor Assistance at 802-656-8686. The UVM motor assistance will be able to assist in jump-starts and provide numbers to garages and locksmiths. UVM motor assistance reserves the right to refuse this courtesy to owners of vehicles who appear to be abusing it. Please be aware that UVM does not do jump starts for vehicles parked on the street. If you have mechanical problems and your car cannot be moved, please contact Public Safety at 865-6465 IMMEDIATELY so that you wont be ticketed.

Snow Emergency

During various times throughout the year it may be necessary to close lots for snow removal. Parking will be allowed at the Gilbane Lot. Individuals are responsible for paying attention to weather conditions whether they are planning to use their vehicle or not. During these times, an announcement will be made through Resident Advisors or Area Coordinators, campus phone and/or College website. Vehicles found in the areas designated to be cleared may be ticketed or towed. Please also observe Burlington City snow removal procedures. The City will tow vehicles parked on the road during a snow ban without prior warning.

Vehicle Safety Tips

  • Always lock your vehicle, even if you plan to be away from it for only a minute.
  • When you park your car, do not leave valuables in plain sight.
  • If you will be returning to your vehicle after dark, try to park under a light or near a building.
  • When driving, keep your doors locked.
  • If you believe that you are being followed, do not drive to your parking area, drive to a place where there are many people and call the local authorities.
  • Report all unusual circumstances to the Campus Public Safety Office immediately.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Life Threatening Emergencies: 9-1-1
  • Champlain College Public Safety: 865-6465
  • Burlington Police: 9-1-1
  • Burlington Fire Department: 9-1-1
  • Champlain College Transportation Office: 865-5403
  • UVM Motor Assistance: 656-8686