November 5, 2015

  1. Champlain College has now joined 127 national institutions as the newest Silver Bicycle Friendly University (BFU)! We are now part of an elite group of only 45 institutions in the country that are designated a Silver or better BFU and only the second to be awarded a BFU designation in the State of Vermont.
  2. The Draft Active Transportation Plan is now open for a final two week review period from November 5–20. Review the plan and provide comments on any page or complete the short feedback form. Visit our Active Transportation Plan webpage more information on the plan.
  3. ChampShop Open Hours. Is your bike making a weird noise or not working properly? Starting this week, the self service bicycle mechanic workshop in Juniper will be staffed every Thursday between 3:30–5:30 pm. Drop in during open hours and have our Bicycle Program Coordinator, David, look it over, advise and educate you on how to maintain and repair it (or where to take it if it can't be fixed there).

October 5, 2015

  1. The shuttle schedule for Fall Holiday Weekend is as follows:
    1. Oct 10-12: CCM Promenade will be closed for minor construction. Any shuttles will use the Spinner bus stop at the Maple Street shelter.
    2. Mon Oct 12: No Lakeside shuttles. Spinner shuttle runs on normal schedule.
    3. Tues Oct 13: Lakeside Limited Schedule (1 shuttle, 7:00am-6:00pm). Spinner shuttle runs on normal schedule. Special Event - 1 Full Size bus - 7:00am-10:00am
  2. We wanted to remind employees of the reward programs we offer through CATMA.
    1. Bike/Walk Rewards: Get a $15 gift certificate for City Market, Merrells Roxy or Skirack for simply walking or biking to work 24 times in a 60 day period (essentially 3 days per week). See more details.
    2. Guaranteed Ride Home: anyone with a Zone 1 parking permit or in the Bike/Walk rewards program can enroll. Get a free Green Cab taxi ride home or to your car in an emergency or when the shuttles arent running. See more details.
  3. DPW are starting reconstruction of the Pine and Lakeside intersection today. See more details.
  4. ChampShop Open Hours. Is your bike making a weird noise or not working properly? Starting this week, the self service bicycle mechanic workshop in Juniper will be manned by our Bicycle Program Coordinator, David, every Thursday between 3:30-5:30pm. Drop in during open hours and have David look it over, advise and educate you on how to repair it (or where to take it if it can't be fixed).

August 23, 2015

  1. Parking Permits for Fall 2015 are available now at champlain.thepermitstore.com
  2. The Orientation Shuttle Schedule can be found here.
  3. Starting August 31st, the Lakeside Shuttle pickup/drop off location on campus is on the CCM Center Promenade and the Spinner Shuttle will be on Maple St at the wooden bus shelter.
  4. The Transportation Office is now located in the CCM Center, Room C102 (ground floor, beside the central entry doors)
  5. The Champlain Transportation Google Map has accessible routes, bike racks, parking locations and more.

August 3, 2015

Fall 2015 Transportation Update available on the Sustain Champlain Transportation Blog.

July 16, 2015

  • For the next two weeks (July 20-24 and July 27-31) there is a large group which needs to go back and forth to Lakeside, so we are swapping the small white shuttles for full size yellow buses. What this means is that we will NOT be using the Aiken Turnaround and will be using the Maple St bus stop (where the Spinner Shuttle normally picks up). Same schedule, bigger bus. We will have signs out at both locations to remind. (NOTE...THIS HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR AN ADDITIONAL WEEK UNTIL JULY 7TH)
  • ALL parking permits for Fall 2015 will be available to order on August 3rd. Remember that a new permit is needed each semester, so everyone will need to order a Fall 2015 permit. Also keep in mind that you can register up to two vehicles under the same permit, you will just need to swap the sticker anytime you use the other car. When you receive the parking permit, don't forget to remove any old stickers.
  • CCM construction is nearing completion...woo hoo...and what that means is that for Fall 2015, both shuttles are moving locations. The Lakeside Shuttle will pull into the CCM Promenade and align right in front of the cool glass entry. The Spinner Shuttle will move down the hill slightly on Maple St to the wooden bus shelter location. That way you will be able to sit inside the lounge area and see the shuttles arrive out of those amazingly large picture windows, without freezing your toes on the sidewalk!

Don't forget to take out one of the free ChampRides bikes, cruise with us on the ChampRidersCruise every Thursday, or check out the awesome services and programs available to you from CATMA.

June 10, 2015

Today we officially welcomed ChampRides, Champlain Colleges Free Bikeshare. Thank you to all that made this launch happen including the support from SKIRACK and Priority Bicycles. Ride on...
Click the links to see great event photos from Stephen Mease and the writeup beforehand from Olivia Werenski.
Get information and register to use at: champlain.edu/bike/champrides

May 27, 2015

  1. Plug into your calendar the launch of the ChampRides bikeshare program on June 10th (more later), but in the meantime, help us name the bikes! Also check out the new addition to the fleet today!
  2. Remember that all vehicles parking anywhere on campus this summer still need to be registered. If you had a Spring 2015 sticker, you are good, keep it displayed in your window. If you were not registered for Spring 2015, register at https://champlain.thepermitstore.com/ ASAP. Please share this with your summer employees who may not be on Broadcast.
  3. Join us for the weekly ChampRiders Cruise, a slow, social, lunchtime bike ride on Thursdays. See more details here.

May 5, 2015

  1. Summer Parking system starts MAY 11. See here for more information. It is your responsibility to read this and understand it.
  2. Senior Week Spinner Shuttle. We are running one 15 passenger shuttle on a continuous loop from 7 am to 9 pm for the whole of senior week to and from Spinner Place to Main Campus.
  3. Street Sweeping starts around campus on May 3 which means there are parking bans. Make sure your car is not on the street on the night they sweep. See here for more information.
  4. Commencement Shuttles. We will have 8 shuttle buses doing the loop from Lakeside to Commencement and for Spinner Place seniors, we will have two buses running on a continuous loop (every 15 mins) in the morning starting at Spinner at 7.30 am-9.30 am. Don't wait until the last shuttle to get there before 9 am, be smart and please leave a cushion of time so that you can check in BEFORE 9am. One bus will keep running all day until 3pm to get you back to Spinner.
  5. Way to Go! Challenge starts on Monday, May 4 and runs for two weeks until May 15. Lets beat last years numbers of 128. Please sign up at waytogovt.org. See here for more information.
  6. We ask that if you have a Parking Meter Smart Card stashed in your wallet that you don't need, to please return them to us (Campus Mail Box 11) so that we can reuse them. We gave out over 200 and only have one left!

30 April, 2015

ChampShop - Juniper Hall's Self-Service Bicycle Mechanic Workshop is now open to students and employees. Visit champlain.edu/bike/champshop for more information.

January 26, 2015

  • We now have a full Google map of ALL Champlain College Transportation options. Check it out here. This map has locations of all parking areas, bike racks (with photos), commuting facilities, CarshareVT locations, bike and walk routes, bus stops and more.
  • All mail to CATMA can now be sent through Campus Mail using 'Box 7'. Save a stamp!
  • To promote Active Transportation, Health and Wellbeing and celebrate Sustainability Month at Champlain College, ALL Faculty, Staff and Students are invited to a Winter Walking (and Running) Workshop.

Thursday, February 5th
Perry Hall Presentation Room

Join staff, faculty and students to discuss equipment and techniques for safe and enjoyable winter walking (and running). Beginners and seasoned walkers welcome (bring your boots and equipment along). We realize that its late in the winter season, but on Feb 2, Phil may say there is six more weeks of winter, so why not be prepared!

We will be joined by the pro's from Outdoor Gear Exchange who will provide us with expert advice and will have samples of shoes & traction equipment (such as Yak Trax) to compare and evaluate. At least one lucky attendee will 'walk away' with a new pair of traction equipment too, just for showing up! Snacks and drinks will be provided. No RSVP needed, just turn up on the day.

Please post the attached poster at your office, on your social media, newsletters and calendars (higher resolution can be provided on request).