May 5, 2015

  1. Summer Parking system starts MAY 11. See here for more information. It is your responsibility to read this and understand it.
  2. Senior Week Spinner Shuttle. We are running one 15 passenger shuttle on a continuous loop from 7 am to 9 pm for the whole of senior week to and from Spinner Place to Main Campus.
  3. Street Sweeping starts around campus on May 3 which means there are parking bans. Make sure your car is not on the street on the night they sweep. See here for more information.
  4. Commencement Shuttles. We will have 8 shuttle buses doing the loop from Lakeside to Commencement and for Spinner Place seniors, we will have two buses running on a continuous loop (every 15 mins) in the morning starting at Spinner at 7.30 am-9.30 am. Don't wait until the last shuttle to get there before 9 am, be smart and please leave a cushion of time so that you can check in BEFORE 9am. One bus will keep running all day until 3pm to get you back to Spinner.
  5. Way to Go! Challenge starts on Monday, May 4 and runs for two weeks until May 15. Lets beat last years numbers of 128. Please sign up at waytogovt.org. See here for more information.
  6. We ask that if you have a Parking Meter Smart Card stashed in your wallet that you don't need, to please return them to us (Campus Mail Box 11) so that we can reuse them. We gave out over 200 and only have one left!

January 26, 2015

  • We now have a full Google map of ALL Champlain College Transportation options. Check it out here. This map has locations of all parking areas, bike racks (with photos), commuting facilities, CarshareVT locations, bike and walk routes, bus stops and more.
  • All mail to CATMA can now be sent through Campus Mail using 'Box 7'. Save a stamp!
  • To promote Active Transportation, Health and Wellbeing and celebrate Sustainability Month at Champlain College, ALL Faculty, Staff and Students are invited to a Winter Walking (and Running) Workshop.

Thursday, February 5th
Perry Hall Presentation Room

Join staff, faculty and students to discuss equipment and techniques for safe and enjoyable winter walking (and running). Beginners and seasoned walkers welcome (bring your boots and equipment along). We realize that its late in the winter season, but on Feb 2nd, Phil may say there is six more weeks of winter, so why not be prepared!

We will be joined by the pro's from Outdoor Gear Exchange who will provide us with expert advice and will have samples of shoes & traction equipment (such as Yak Trax) to compare and evaluate. At least one lucky attendee will 'walk away' with a new pair of traction equipment too, just for showing up! Snacks and drinks will be provided. No RSVP needed, just turn up on the day.

Please post the attached poster at your office, on your social media, newsletters and calendars (higher resolution can be provided on request).

December 11, 2014

For all Faculty/Staff that are enrolled in the CATMA Bike/Walk Rewards Program you can now send your cards (and anything else that you want to send to CATMA) through the Campus Mail system instead of spending money using regular mail. CATMA's dedicated Campus Mail Box is Box 7. One more way to save postage costs for the College!

November 20, 2014 || Spring Permits, Staffing Update, CATMA Survey, and City of Burlington wants your input

  • Parking permits for Spring 2015 faculty/staff—Lakeside Zone 1— will be available on Dec. 10th. All other permits will be available beginning on Dec. 15th. See more here.
  • Welcome to Champlain, Nic Anderson! Nic began his new role as Sustainable Transportation Coordinator on Monday. This is a new, but evolved position, as Carl Riden (our current Parking Czar) begins his transition toward retirement. Nic will eventually be responsible for all areas of Transportation - including parking, shuttles, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and much more. During this transition time, you can still send your parking requests to Carl Riden, until further notice. Nic comes to us with several years of urban planning experience (most recently working for the City of Burlington's Planning and Zoning Office), during which time he created an employee bike share program. How to reach Nic: Perry 300, Campus mailbox #21, 864-8464, nanderson@champlain.edu
  • CATMA Employee Survey. The CATMA Employee Transportation Survey is underway. You should have received an invitation through your Champlain email address from Campus Area Transportation Management Association, with the subject, 2014 CATMA Employee Transportation Survey. The survey will be open for the next three weeks, please take the time to respond. This confidential survey provides us with valuable data about commuting, as we strive to improve mobility options and reduce congestion. It also provides valuable data we need for our annual greenhouse gas inventory. The survey takes about 8 minutes to complete and you can enter a drawing for a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD 6.
  • City of Burlington Seeking input regarding residential parking. You may post comments online (starting 11/19 until 12/14) at: http://btvparking.maptool.rsginc.com. For more information, contact Peter Keating, Senior Transportation Planner, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission: (802) 846-4490 x14 or pkeating@ccrpcvt.org. For more information on the City of Burlington Downtown & Residential Parking Initiative, visit http://www.parkburlington.com.

October 15, 2014 || Lakeside Shuttle Pick-up/Drop Off Location back to Aiken Hall

As you may have noticed we have, in our efforts to fine-tune our shuttle program, switched to running two 13-passenger shuttles for the Lakeside/Gilbane route. Due to the smaller size of the shuttles, we are able to utilize the more amenable pick up/drop off at area at Aiken Hall, effective Wednesday, October 15th. In order for this system to run most efficiently, we remind everyone that this driveway should not be blocked by any vehicles at any time. We appreciate your effort to help us make our rides as smooth as possible.

August 27, 2014 || Shuttle Pick-up/Drop-off Locations

For Fall 2014, all shuttles (Spinner & Lakeside/Gilbane) will use Maple St. for pick-up/drop-off.

August 18, 2014 || Fall 2014 Updates

  • Parking Permits for Fall 2014 are now available. There will be no grace period for ticketing, so purchase yours today.
  • The parking meters in Summit and MIC lots will be in operation starting on Monday, August 25th.
  • The Spinner Shuttle will now have a 9:10pm pick up on main campus, Monday-Friday.

June 2, 2014 || Parking Permits for Fall 2014

Parking Permits for Fall 2014 will be available on the following dates:

  • Faculty/Staff Lakeside (zone 1) August 4th, 2014
  • Faculty/Staff Campus ( zones 3,4) August 11th, 2014
  • All Commuter student permits ( zones 1, 3, 4) August 13th, 2014
  • All Residential student permits ( zones 2, 5) August 13th, 2014

April 21, 2014 || Summer 2014 Parking Update

The Parking and Transportation Committee has been working hard on a plan to allow employees to park on campus this summer free of charge. In order to make this possible, there are a few exceptions and things you need to know. Read on!

All employees may park in any zoned lot or legal street space with a campus permit. KEEP YOUR CURRENT PERMIT on your windshield. Any Champlain College permit is valid this summer, but you must have one. If you do not have one please contact Carl Riden and request a hang tag. Summer stickers are not available.

Other key pieces of information:

  • One shuttle will run this summer from Lakeside to Aiken from 7:30 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Parking will be enforced, tickets will be written, towing will be enforced as marked at the lots.
  • Sometimes lots will be reserved for Event Center guest groups and you may have to park further away. Get familiar with the parking map at www.champlain.edu/transportation.
  • Please honor those signs when you see them so we don't have to adjust the plan. Some days will be heavy and lots will be full. Watch for Event Center emails. Many days will be easy!
  • There may be a few days you are asked to park at Lakeside and shuttle in. On those days we will provide an additional shuttle bus.
  • Visitors and Event Guests need dashboard passes. Visitors can contact Carl Riden or you can arrange for them in advance. Large Event Center groups will shuttle in.
  • Metered lots (MIC/Summit) will be turned off for the summer, effective May 5.
  • Students may park on campus at night and on weekends, and will use the shuttle and park at Gilbane on weekdays.
  • Upon Orientation in August we will go back to the current (academic year) shuttle and permit system permanently, and will keep that system in place next summer with two shuttles running.
  • Feel free to contact the Event Center if there is a day you want more information about.

We are glad to offer this summer reprieve on a collaborative basis!

As always, we highly recommend Champlain affiliates to utilize the excellent programs coordinated through CATMA including the Bike/Walk Rewards program, FREE bus rides, Carpool Matching services, FREE CarShare Vermont memberships, Emergency Ride Home program and more. Register today at www.catmavt.org

Linda Wheeler, on behalf of the Transportation Committee

PS. Want to give riding the bus a try? Or Ride your bike to work? Or share a ride with a neighbor? Now's the time to give it a try! If you can give up driving a single-passenger car to work for at least one day (or don't already) please sign up for the annual Way To Go! Commuter Challenge, which runs May 12- 16, 2014. Register today at http://waytogovt.org/

April 4, 2014 || Summit Lot Changes re-opens to Zone 3 & 4 permit holders as of Monday, April 7

Upon hearing your feedback and analyzing usage of the 56 Summit Lot as a metered lot, the Transportation Committee has decided to re-open the lot to Zone 3 & 4 permit holders for the remainder of the semester. We will re-assess this lot as a metered lot for the fall 2014 semester.

  • Zone 2 permit holders (Gilbane) may still use this lot after 4pm.
  • Zone 1 permit holders (Lakeside) may still use the metered parking at MIC lot.

If you have constructive feedback or ideas to share, please send them to transportation@champlain.edu

March 31, 2014 || CATMA launches bi-annual Student Survey in April.

CATMA launches its 10th Spring Student Transportation Survey in April. Students need to watch their "champlain.edu" email for their personal invitation to take the survey. Students have a chance to win a Burton snowboard and other prizes. The data collected the survey is valuable as we continue to address this global issue by improving public transportation, shuttle services and alternative transportation options for our students, faculty and staff.

February 21, 2014 || Construction Project Impacts and Updates related to Transportation

Champlain is about to embark on yet another impressive construction project: the new CCM Division building and renovation of parts of Hauke. This project will impact our transportation systems on campus and we want to alert you to these changes that you'll see in place starting Monday, March 10th. Please see the map below that summarizes the following changes. Also, please note that for Spring Break we will run normal shuttle coverage through Friday, Feb. 28 and run the weekend shuttle through Sunday, March 2. We will resume weekend shuttle service on Sunday, March 9th and resume all shuttles service on Monday, March 10th.

  • Shuttle changes—the shuttle will now pick up and drop off at Aiken Hall/Summit St. We are working on having a secure and warm waiting area, complete with a Campus Compass screen located in Aiken Hall.
  • The Summit lot will return to metered parking. As a reminder, any Champlain faculty, staff, or commuter student with a Champlain permit can use the metered spots for 4 hour maximum when the meters are on (Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm) and for free all other hours. Visitors to campus, including guest speakers, may use these parking spots for free, but they must have a visitor parking permit, which their hosts can get from the Parking Office. Those with a handicapped permit may use these spaces for free at any time. Residential students may only use these parking spots after 4pm, Monday-Friday and on weekends.
  • Carshare Vermont updates— The car that used to be in Bader lot has recently moved to S. Union & Spruce Streets; the car currently in the Cushing lot will move to the Perry lot; and a new car can now be found at the Innovation Center on Lakeside Ave. —A great location for those working at Lakeside.
  • Our Unlimited Access bus program now includes GMTA bus lines. Simply show the bus driver your ID when boarding these buses and remember to ask for a transfer if you are connecting to a CCTA or other GMTA bus. Click here for GMTA routes and schedules.
  • For students: Every student will receive an e-invitation to participate in the CATMA Student Transportation Survey in mid-March, with chances to win great prizes. Please take a few minutes to complete, as this data is really important for our greenhouse gas inventory and campus planning.

construction plan map

As always, we highly encourage Champlain affiliates to utilize the excellent programs coordinated through CATMA including the bike/walk rewards program, free bus rides, carpool matching service, free CarShare Vermont memberships and more. If you can bus, walk, bike, or carpool at least twice per week, register today at www.catmavt.org and you'll be eligible to use CATMA's Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

Once again, the Transportation Committee is fully committed to continuing to evaluate and monitor the new changes and we welcome your feedback as we do so. If you have constructive ideas or any "silver linings", please share them with us at transportation@champlain.edu.

February 19, 2014 || Free Rides on GMTA routes

Starting on February 17th, Champlain College affiliates with a valid college ID can ride local and commuter GMTA buses for FREE through our Unlimited Access Program. This pilot will run from February 17 to June 16, 2014. Simply show the bus driver your ID when boarding these buses and remember to ask for a transfer if you are connecting to a CCTA or other GMTA bus. Click here for a summary of GMTA routes that link with CCTA. For GMTA Schedules, click here. Employees who take the bus 2-3 times a week are eligible to register in CATMAs Emergency Ride Home program.

February 18, 2014 || New CarShare Vermont car at Lakeside Ave.

Good news for Champlain folks who park or work down at Lakeside... there is a new CarShare VT car just across the street at the Innovation Center. Any CarShare VT member may use this vehicle. Not a member yet? Join up today and take advantage of our subsidized campus memberships.

February 4, 2014 || Spring Semester Holiday/Break Shuttle Schedule Changes

  • For February 17 —Presidents' Day: The shuttle will run as usual to Spinner. For Lakeside we will run one bus from 6:30am- 9:00pm.
  • March 3-7 —Spring Break: We will run normal coverage thru Friday 2/28/14; We will run the weekend shuttle thru Sunday 3/2/14; We will resume weekend service on 3/9/14; We will resume all shuttles on 3/10/14.