Cash Card & Flex Online Deposits

Champlain College - Online Deposit for Cash Card and Retail Flex Accounts

Students, parents and employees may deposit online to the Cash Card and/or Retail Flex Accounts. Please review the information about each account before continuing to the secure payment page.

Cash Card- Debit account on Champlain ID for use on campus or at merchants in the Burlington area

Your ID card serves as your student or employee ID, meal plan card, and residence hall key. You have the option of using the card as a debit card at certain campus sites, including the bookstore, mailroom, and campus laundry facilities. The card may be used with multiple vendors in the greater Burlington area, wherever merchants display our CC Cash Card logo*. Students and employees receive a refund of the Cash Card balance (less a $10 processing fee) when leaving Champlain College. Tuition payments are not permissible via the CC Cash card. Deposit min. $20-max. $500.

* View Listing of Cash Card Locations for Fall, 2016.

Retail Flex-Meal account for use at EATS, Champlain's Food Court

Retail Flex is a debit account added to a Champlain ID card to use at EATS, the retail dining court in the CCM Building, including Zime, The Grille, Chloe's and Auntie Anne's. Meals on a meal plan are not valid at EATS-only the Flex dollars of the meal plan. Retail Flex may also be used at the IDX Dining Hall if a commuter student or employee's meal plan has expired. You may deposit online to the Retail Flex Account. Flex is not refundable and will expire at the end of the school year. Deposit min. $20.

How does my ID card work with my meal plan, cash card, and Flex accounts?

IDX Dining - Meal plans will be used first at the IDX Dining Hall. If you run out of meals on your commuter or employee meal plan, Retail Flex, then Cash Card balances will be used.

EATS - Residential Flex ($150 per semester is automatically added for residential students) then Retail Flex will be used at EATS. If you run out of Retail Flex, then Cash Card balances will be used. MEAL PLANS are not valid at EATS.

Credit/Debit cards and cash are also accepted at both the IDX Dining Hall and EATS.

Instructions to make an online deposit:

  • Students: Use your full name and nine-digit student ID number, which begins with 82-.
  • Employee: Use your full name and employee ID number beginning with 82-. To purchase an Employee Dining Plan, visit the Enrollment Service Center or learn more here.
  • Parents: Use your student's full name and nine-digit student ID number, which begins with 82-.
  • Do not use a social security number.
  • A $20 minimum deposit is required and the maximum deposit is $500 per day.
  • Flex is non refundable and expires at the end of the academic year.
  • Cash Card is refundable when a student/employee departs from Champlain College (less a $10 processing fee).
  • Review and agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Click on "Continue to Payment Page for Cash & Retail Flex" and select amounts for Cash Card and/or Retail Flex.
  • Complete payment information to process your payment.

You may deposit funds securely online to your Cash Card or Retail Flex account 24 hours a day. Please allow one business day for web deposits to be updated to your account. Deposits on Fridays will be updated by Monday evening. You may login to your Champlain Cash Card account to check for Cash Card, Retail Flex and Commuter or Employee Meal Plan Balances.

Please click HERE to make a deposit to Cash Card and/or Flex accounts.

Commuting Student & Employee Meal Plans

Two meal plan options are available for non-residential students or a meal plan for employees may be purchased securely online.

Please click HERE to learn more about these meal plans.

How do I check my account balances on my Champlain Cash Card?

You may login to your Champlain Cash Card account to check for Cash Card, Retail Flex, Commuter and Employee Meal Plan balances after you have initially activated your account online. See below for initial set up instructions.

How do I initially set up access to my Champlain Cash Card account?

To set up access to your Champlain Cash Card account:

 Go to:

  1. Click on the link, "Not Registered? Click Here to to Sign Up" .
  2. Enter your Champlain Student ID Number as your User Name, including the 82.
  3. Enter your PIN number as your Champlain Student ID number, WITHOUT the 82.
  4. Enter a valid email and password.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you with instructions on completing the activation of your web card account.

If you have questions, please contact the Enrollment Service Center at (802) 860-2777 or The office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m at Perry Hall, Rm 174.