Living Off Campus

Downtown Burlington, Vermont

Living Off-Campus in the Burlington Area

While Champlain College prides itself on the quality and diversity of its residence halls, we understand that for some students, living on-campus might not be the best fit. Because we believe that a comfortable living situation can play an important role in overall academic success, we are committed to providing resources to help students who wish to live off campus find apartments and houses for rent in the Burlington area.

Apartment and House Rental Listings

Our community thrives on its college population and offers many rental opportunities including apartments, condominiums, houses and lofts. Below are some online apartment locator services and other useful sites:

Helpful Tips and Resources

It is important to make informed decisions and a few of these resources may help to provide additional information to guide you to on your off-campus housing journey.

Off-Campus Living at Champlain College

A few things you should know

As a Champlain College student living off campus, you have the opportunity to reside in one of America's best cities. The reason Burlington stands out is that everyone is invested in making it a great place to live. As you are an important part of this community, we hope you will consider the following helpful hints to keep Burlington the thriving city it is.

Please update your apartment address in your student record at Champlain College.

This enables us to know where our students are living so we can support you if there are neighborhood issues. Or if there is a college or regional emergency, it is important that we know where our students are residing. You can update your address by sending your current address information to

Take steps to keep yourselves and others safe.

Please read the safety flier for more information as well as the Champlain College Bystander Intervention flier with lots of good information on how to intervene and diffuse dangerous situations.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

Establishing a relationship with your neighbors is the first step in creating a quality community and for resolving issues that may arise. Consider exchanging contact information to keep the lines of communication open. Remember to think about the neighborhood in terms of how others experience it. Maybe there are young children living near you or people who get up early for work. Maybe the street is very neat and clean and your front porch is cluttered. Remember that how your apartment looks on the outside can impact your neighborhood.

Familiarize yourself with the Burlington Noise and Party ordinances.

You have a right to make calls when the noise is out of control...and your neighbors may be calling, too. The purpose of the noise control ordinance is to allow all residents of our city to peacefully coexist in a manner that is mutually respectful of the rights and interests of others.

To report noise in your neighborhood, contact the Burlington Police Department at 658.2704.

  • The noise ordinance applies 24 hours a day. There are also special "quiet hours" for the city from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.
  • Unreasonable noise is prohibited. Noise is unreasonable when it is unreasonably loud given the time, place and nature of the noise. Noise that is plainly audible between apartments or houses between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am is considered unreasonable. Sound systems, TVs and radios cannot be played in an unreasonably loud manner.
  • Noise from parties and social gatherings have special regulations. Such gatherings are defined as situations where one or more participants are not residents. In the event of a noise disturbance, all of the residents at a premise are considered liable in addition to any other person engaged in making noise.

Party/Social Noise Fine

  • First violation: $300 for an uncontested ticket
  • Second violation: $400 for an uncontested ticket
  • Subsequent violations: Criminal offense and $500

General Noise Fines

  • First violation: $200 for an uncontested ticket
  • Second violation: $300 for an uncontested ticket
  • Subsequent violations: Criminal offense and $500

For more information, click here.

Be aware that if you are cited or arrested by the Burlington Police, Champlain College will be notified of this and this will be made part of your student conduct record at the College. Repeat violations of city ordinances could place at risk your ability to remain a student at Champlain College. We are committed to a high standard of behavior for our students, as represented in our Standard of Conduct. To that end, we work with the city agencies to share information.

Community Resources

These resources are intended to help improve the quality of life for all neighbors in Burlington. Please use them to address issues such as walk-by noise, loud parties, illegal parking, trash, theft and other crime, etc. We can only make progress toward safe and peaceful neighborhoods if everyone participates in addressing issues.

Community Justice Center works with people that have been the victim of a crime

Office of Code Enforcement addresses issues with rental properties as well as parking on greenbelts, trash and more

You have the right to the terms promised by the landlord in your lease.

SeeClickFix to report trash, parking, and other issues

Thank you for doing your part to create a safe and friendly community in your neighborhood.


Feel free to contact Melody Brook, Operations Manager, regarding this page at (802) 865.5487 or via email.

Please note that neither Melody nor the College can answer questions relating to specific off-campus properties. For those inquiries, please contact the apartment manager or landlord for the listing directly.

Champlain College provides general information about off-campus housing options for the convenience of students, but the College does not endorse any off-campus properties or assume any responsibility or liability relating to any off-campus properties. For information regarding insurance click here.

Learn more about Housing at Champlain, including the housing selection process, residence assistants, and cost information.