R.A. Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Resident Assistant

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Assistant Director


As the architect of the residential community, the primary responsibility of a Resident Assistant (RA) in the Department of Residential Life is to develop a safe and inclusive community within the residence hall by helping community members create their individual roles within the larger community.

Serving as an RA is an honor and a distinction. RAs assume a leadership role in the residence halls and on campus and act as a role model for all Champlain College students. The RA position requires initiative, professionalism, confidence, flexibility, enthusiasm, and commitment, as well as strong administrative and communication skills. RAs are responsible for shaping an academically-focused environment that supports student development through educational and social programming, and for managing critical administrative tasks, including room changes. As academic role models, RAs must maintain a GPA of 2.5; if an RA's GPA falls below 2.5 or if conduct falls below the expectations of the position, one may be relieved of duties and all benefits related to the position. Additionally, RAs are responsible for responding to student issues and referring students in need of assistance to the appropriate campus resources.

The RA position is a paraprofessional job (requiring a minimum of 20 hours of work per week) with a high level of responsibility. RAs are assigned to a single room in a campus residence hall by the Department of Residential Life. Each RA is responsible for being on duty in the residence hall for 50% of the nights each month. Each residence hall must be covered by a staff member every night. The duty schedule will be created in cooperation with RA team members and Assistant Director,and there may be some flexibility in the duty schedule from week to week. "On duty" means that the RA is present in the residence hall beginning at 9:00pm and ending at 7:00am. It is expected that RAs will be awake and available to building residents from 9:00pm-12:00am Sunday-Thursday evenings and 9:00pm-1:00am Friday and Saturday evenings. RAs must be present in the building until 7:00am when on duty. Staff consumption of controlled substances is prohibited during duty hours. It is an expectation of this position that you will enforce and role model all Champlain College policies as outlined in the student handbook. This includes possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or substances with psychoactive properties on campus.

RAs are expected to arrive on campus no later than August 15, 2013 and must remain on campus through May 7, 2014. The areas of responsibilities listed below are representative of the major expectations of each RA.

Additionally, all RAs are expected to adhere to the policies as stated in the Standard of Conduct and the student handbook. All RAs will be considered to be on probation until the October break. A performance assessment will take place midway through the first semester. RAs will be invited to continue, given an opportunity to improve performance, or if minimum expectations are not being met, the RA's contract may be terminated. Additionally, there is a comprehensive midyear performance review.

Specific Duties


  • Meet and welcome residents and families as they arrive. Facilitate community meetings and functions.
  • Develop positive interpersonal relationships with residents.
  • Actively engage with students for the entire academic year.
  • Support and foster an inclusive environment by respecting the individual differences of all community members and holding others to this standard by confronting residents displaying behavior that is disrespectful towards others or the community.
  • Demonstrate personal investment for community development through anticipating individual student needs and taking appropriate action to meet those needs.
  • Assist roommates and suite/apartment mates by helping to mediate conflicts if they arise. Support Peer Advisors (PAs) and actively participate in events related to the LEAD program. 
  • Participation in the workbook process with immediate supervisor.


  • Create door name tags for all residents, including residents who move into the community mid-year. Hold opening hall meetings to introduce yourself to your residents and your residents to each other.
  • Maintain approachability and availability to residents during duty hours.
  • Facilitate community standards conversations. 
  • Assess personal and community interests and needs that are supportive of community development and individual development.
  • Be equitable and just in the performance of your duties to affirm the dignity and respect that is due each community member. Work collaboratively with other offices on campus to meet the interests and needs of your residents. 
  • Maintain an educationally-focused physical environment and create a welcoming atmosphere in your hall through creative bulletin boards, posters, door hangers, etc.


  • Plan, implement, and evaluate at least one event and one educational bulletin board for hall residents each month.
  • Two planned activities per year must include outreach. This means including a faculty member or a community member or community agency.
  • Deliver a variety of programs that addresses the social change model of leadership. Discuss program plans with direct supervisor and get approval for program costs. 
  • Work collaboratively with RA "team" to plan one "team event" per year and one all campus event per year.
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with on and off campus resources to fulfill programming requirements. Identify programs and activities outside of the residence hall and accompany residents to the events.
  • Track programming expenses and identify opportunities for free programs.  


  • Role model appropriate behavior as described in the student handbook. 
  • Inform residents about College policies.
  • Complete regular rounds in the residence hall and address any issues that may arise.
  • Be fair, consistent, and equitable in responding to residents' behavior concerns and in enforcing policies. 
  • Maintain confidentiality with regards to policy violations and student behavioral concerns. Keep your direct supervisor informed of any issues of concern related to crisis or behavior in your building.
  • Implement the emergency protocol in any crisis and notify appropriate college staff.
  • Implement the College policies as they are described in the student handbook.  
  • Document any incident or questionable behavior in an Incident Report and submit to direct supervisor within 12 hours of the incident. 
  • Resident Assistants have the option to serve on the Conduct Review Board but it is not a requirement. Implement quiet hours and the guest policy as outlined in the student handbook.
  • Conduct a final walkthrough of the residence hall at 12:00am each duty night. Immediately report security-related maintenance issues (i.e. broken door lock, health hazards) to Campus Public Safety and the Assistant Director On Call.


  • Conduct walkthrough of the building at the beginning of the year and submit work requests for maintenance issues before residents arrive.
  • Execute all opening and closing procedures in a timely manner. 
  • Submit work requests throughout the year using the "School Dude" system. 
  • Document incidents where damage has occurred in an Incident Report. Complete and submit all programming and room change paperwork on time. 
  • Respond to emails and voicemails from administrators promptly and professionally. 
  • Conduct final walkthrough of building with supervisor at the end of the year to document damages. 
  • Refer questions from families to the appropriate College staff member.


  • Attend all staff meetings and trainings.
  • Attend all one-on-one meetings with direct supervisor. 
  • Become familiar with all student services that are available at the College and refer students who may need these services.
  • Assist with the annual housing selection process. Assist with the annual Recruitment and Selection process.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.