Appeal Process

Students who wish to appeal must do so in writing at no later than 48 hours after the sanction has been delivered. Students who agree to the sanctions imposed by the Board and fail to complete the sanctions are not eligible to appeal.

The Appeal Committee will convene when necessary to hear appeals of decisions of the General Conduct Review Board, the Academic Conduct Review Board and the Peer Review Board. The Appeal Committee may convene to hear appeals of outcomes from individual hearings, but this is not always required, and these appeals may be heard by an individual, impartial conduct officer.  The Appeal Committee consists of a minimum of three (3) individuals, drawn from a pool of qualified individuals. In order to hear an appeal, the Appeal Committee must consist of representation from each group: faculty, staff and students. The membership of the Appeal Committee will be established at the start of each semester, and consists of members who are nominated by the Vice President for Student Life or the College Provost.  Past service on the General Conduct Review Board or the Academic Conduct Review Board is required for participation on the Appeal Committee. When the appeal is complete, the matter shall be deemed fully resolved without further recourse with the exceptions that a petition for a new hearing may be made upon the discovery of new information or upon review by the President of the college.

Students will be prepared for Appeal hearings by a member of the Office of Student Conduct.  The sequence of events for Appeals is much the same all other board processes.