Peer Review Board Hearings

Champlain College's Peer Review Board strives to develop student awareness and community engagement in the resolution of some types of Standard of Conduct violations. The Board differs from our other processes in that it allows for students to take the lead in the conduct resolution process, and it offers opportunities for those appearing before the Board to be heard by an all student panel. The Peer Review Board expands the judicial process by providing more student leadership opportunities for students serving on the Board, and offering a meaningful experience for students appearing before the Board. The unique nature of peer to peer interaction promotes and teaches responsible citizenship and serves as an avenue to assist students in learning.

Peer Review Board hearings will be scheduled for 90 minutes. Each conduct case will be reviewed by a student conduct officer to determine whether referral to the Board is appropriate.

Typical types of cases that would be forwarded to a Peer Review Board include the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Quiet Hours/Courtesy
  • Offensive Language
  • Illegal and/or damaged furniture
  • Fire Safety/Smoking
  • Hall Sports/Disruptive Behavior
  • Guest Violations
  • Excessive Room Lockouts
  • Excessive Trash or Recycling
  • Other Community Violations

Students are encouraged to speak on their own behalf and may bring an advocate or advisor, but only those directly involved in the hearing may speak. Witnesses and victims do not appear at Peer Review Board Hearings. Students appearing before the Board will have an opportunity to review all materials pertaining to the case before the hearing. All students will have individual hearings and will be evaluated on their own involvement even if they are involved in a group incident. Every effort will be made to keep Peer Review Board proceedings confidential, and when necessary, the identity of witnesses and victims may be kept anonymous.

The task of the Peer Review Board is to determine responsibility and decide on an appropriate sanction. The PRB Advisor will provide the Peer Review Board with all incident reports and statements relevant to each case. Decisions will be made on the available materials and on the interview with the student. Students may provide information at the hearing, but a hearing will not be postponed while additional information is gathered. Following the Hearing, the Facilitator will meet with the student and discuss the sanction. All sanctions may be appealed.