Parkour Club

Champlain alums, Ryan Warner and Andrew Smith, started the Champlain Parkour and Freerunning club in 2010. The club originally attended open gym sessions at Regal Gymnastics in Winooski, but Regal Gymnastics has since moved to Essex.  Since the club started four years ago, attendance has almost quadrupled.

The Parkour and Freerunning club teaches skills for those interesting in learning parkour and for improving the techniques of those more advanced.  Conditioning for parkour and freerunning is recommended, but it is not required. Ultimately, the club strives to create a community of people who enjoy the sport and support their peers.  

Meeting Times:

  • The club meets on Thursday at 7p.m. in Hauke and carpools to Essex. The club will be at Regal Gymnastics from 8-10p.m., and transportation back to campus is provided. 

Contact Information: