Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship

2014 Lyman Award

Professor Nancy Kerr, Ph.D.

Nancy KerrNancy began her career at the College in 2001, completed her Ph.D. from Boston College in 2005 and was promoted to Professor in 2007.  She is the Program Director for Media Communications, which includes Communication, Broadcast and Streaming Media and Public Relations majors.  She has been involved in 7/8 majors, continuously revising the curriculum to keep current.   She started a radio station; as well as starting the Digital Filmmaking program.

Nancy has served as a wonderful mentor to new faculty as well as working very closely with her adjuncts to support and help them in any way she can. 

Nancy remains totally devoted to her students.  "My job is to guide them, advise them and open their eyes to possibilities that they never knew existed before the came here."  Whether advising students or serving as the internship coordinator for her programs, she truly enjoys watching the students thrive in a professional environment.  She meets with various members of the industry on an ad hoc basis, sometimes 2-3 times per week to have strong program advisory boards.

Her students find her friendly, interesting, beyond skilled in public relations.  She is known as a great teacher, tough but fair and cares deeply for her students long beyond graduation.  Her goal is always to have the students engaged in the material and committed to learning.  She continually works on revising her courses to make it the best experience possible for the students.
Nancy has provided service to the College as well.  She has chaired the professional development committee; served as the Vice President of Faculty Senate as well as a member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.  She has served on numerous search committees - from dean to faculty; as well as chaired a number of them.

Nancy is sought out by the professional community.  She is the Coordinator and Lead Judge for Vermont Association of Broadcasters annual awards; works with Vermont Public Television to provide public relations and social media support for their VPT Experience to name a few.

She is very proud of her community networking that has resulted in incredible internships and jobs for our students.  She works diligently at maintaining those relationships.

Nancy always represents her programs and division well at the many college events that are held throughout the year.  She is an active participant at all levels - student, program, division, faculty, and college.  She clearly loves teaching and loves her students!

Nancy received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware, both a Master of Arts and a Master of Science from Syracuse University, and her Doctor of Philosophy from Boston College.  She also has earned an Accreditation in Public Relations Certification.

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