Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship

2013-2014 Lyman Award

Associate Professor Kathryn Leo-Nyquist, Ed.D.

Kathy arrived at Champlain in1998 and continues to be deeply engaged in both the Champlain College community and in her professional field locally, state-wide, and nationally resulting in the respect of her colleagues.  She has formally studied and worked in a wide range of education fields, providing her students with a breadth of experiences to carry the best teacher education practices of the past into the ever changing present-day world of education.

Kathy's teaching formats include traditional classroom, hybrid, and online, instructing a range of undergraduate courses including reading education, early childhood, elementary education, senior education capstone, and third year global perspective core courses.

If she wasn't busy enough, she also teaches some of Champlain's graduate courses in early language and literacy online and conducts field observations of Champlain students' student teaching placements. She also assisted in the launch of the Masters in Education Program.

Besides her dedication to students and faculty committees, such as faculty senate, she is also very active in outside organizations in her field. She has served as an Executive Board member of the Vermont Council on Reading, in addition to being a member of many other local, regional, and national associations.
Former students, who are now working as teachers, frequently contact her to share their stories, successes and challenges as one does with a close friend.

Kathy received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst; her M.A. in Experiential Education from the University of Illinois, an M.Ed. in Children's Literature and Reading from St. Michael's College and her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Vermont.

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