Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award


Susanne Terry, M.S.

Susanne came to Champlain in 2008 after Woodbury College in Montpelier merged with Champlain.  The graduate mediation and applied conflict studies program she founded is now benefitting Champlain.  She has been someone who was bringing the field into the classroom and the class into the field long before it was fashionable.  Her ability to tune into and cater to the individual needs of students is simply staggering.

Students frequently cite her as one of the most influential and inspiring teachers in their lives.  She is an enormous influence in the mediation field nationally and a pioneer in mediation education. She demonstrates the unselfish desire to become vested in the development and growth of the whole person. For her, teaching is not just about imparting a lesson; it is about awakening dreams, molding aspirations, and supporting risk-taking in each student. Her commitment to turning out students who are skilled, confident and self-aware is exceeded, if at all, only by her passion for the practice of conflict engagement and resolution.

Susanne received her M.S. from Woodbury College.

Previous recipients

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2011 William Wheeler Robert P. Stiller School of Business

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