One on one Coaching Sessions

One on One CIP Sessions

Receive confidential, one-on-one support with instructional design and delivery, classroom management, and workload. Cinse can help you to create learning activities that will help your students to learn in an engaged and level-appropriate manner. These personalized instructional design sessions are available to all full and part-time instructors.

  • Create engaging learning activities that really work
  • Design or redesign assignments
  • Learn to manage your workload
  • Take charge of your classroom
  • Learn to teach the way that works best for you and for your student


Here's what some of your colleagues have said...

"The best thing about working with Cinse is that she listens to my own instructional needs and plans and works with me. She always has lots of great ideas. Whether you want help at  developing a whole new lesson plan or just need a sounding board for your own ideas – it always helps to spend some time working with Cinse at the CIP."
- Core Division

"After a meeting with Cinse I walk away with renewed confidence to try new ideas and techniques in the classroom. My teaching is better as a direct result of my relationship with Cinse."
- IT&S Division

"Cinse was able to help me see how different types of students learn in different ways. She helped me brainstorm ideas for reaching the students who had the most trouble. Teaching the good students is easy — Cinse showed me that teaching the difficult students can be rewarding as well. She showed me how to think outside the box. "
- IT&S Division

"Cinse is great when collaborating to develop fresh, new ideas for my classes, whether I'm creating new assignments or trying out a different instructional strategy."
- EHS Division

"Cinse has helped me to create a unit in my class that will provide a wonderful spark, some electricity. Whatever you want to call it, it's a little bit of the intangible goodness that helps to turn a good class great."
- Woodbury Institute of Champlain College

"Cinse has this miraculous way of reminding me of my strengths as a teacher while, in the very same moment, helping me develop new techniques or ways of thinking about achieving my goals in the classroom. As teaching librarians, we have a different role to play in the classrooms we visit. Cinse listens to our concerns and needs and offers us a wealth of resources, experience, creativity, and support."
- Information Librarian

"Prior to each of the last three semesters, I have met with Cinse to help me prepare my materials for brand new courses, each of which has succeeded well beyond my expectations. Without Cinse's creative and enthusiastic guidance, I could never have developed such cohesive, innovative, and successful courses."
- Core Division

"Cinse helped me to efficiently plan for multiple courses during semesters with heavy workloads by staggering assignments to grade, eliminating any unnecessary grading by developing check-in points for assignments, clarifying assignment objectives, and coming up with creative ways to convey course content. All of these lead to a less-stressful semester."
- CCM Division


By phone: Call 802 651 5965 and leave a message requesting a one-on-one session.

If you're in a time crunch and have a need or a question that can be answered quickly, try calling to see if I have time to meet over the phone either right then or shortly thereafter.

Via e-mail: Send a message to either or and suggest a time to meet. 

Using Outlook: Send an Outlook invitation for the day and time you would like to meet. You can check my schedule by looking up Bonino, Cinse. Feel free to include as little or as much detail about your goals for the meeting as you would like.

In person: You can always try to catch me in my office or nab me when you see me on campus. I encourage these interruptions and will let you know if it is a good time to meet.