What's Happening

Three Month Look-Ahead

futureNow that the CCM building is completed we are concentrating our efforts on new construction on the Eagles Landing project.  HP Cummings has been selected as the General Contractor and Gardner Kilcoyne is the Architect on the project.  Design phase for a new ITS building is also moving forward with Truex Cullins Architecture and Interior Design.  Over the summer we completed the Rozendaal Courtyard landscaping project and it looks fabulous.

Two other important projects near or at completion are the Women's and Gender Center located in Skiff Annex and the Sarah Ramsey iLab located in SD Ireland 105.  Grand openings for both these spaces are coming soon.

At the Miller Center at Lakesdie we are doing a shuffle.  The last weekend of September we will move the People Center to the 2nd floor, relocate some CPS folks within the 2nd floor, and relocate Marketing to the 3rd floor.

Auxiliary Services

The Conference and Event Center is focused on many campus events as well as marketing the Champlain Room rental for weddings.  This fall we will do a photo shoot for additional marketing as well as a wedding show for the public.  Information will be available on our site at http://www.champlain.edu/about-champlain/professional-services/champlain-conference-and-event-center

The Strategic Events initiative, designed to offer pre-college summer programs for high school students in majors that our college specializes in, is focused on marketing and registration for those programs. (See www.champlain.edu/summer for more information.)

New this year will be the program Entrepreneurship for Good, focusing on business that impacts social causes.

Campus Public Safety

Bruce Bovat joins us as the new Director of Campus Public Safety.

Physical Plant

Warehouse clean out to make room for new Generator Space at 40 Sears Lane.  

As always the CPAS team is here to serve you, help solve problems and consult in any way we can.