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The Brand | Design | Media Resources section provides manuals, best practices, and assets commonly requested by our partners throughout the College to maintain marketing consistency.

Our Essence

Your determination and initiative  + Our radically pragmatic education  =  Career success Audeamus. Let us Dare.

Our Manifesto

A radically pragmatic education. It's relevant today, and it's years ahead of its time. It fuels initiative. It has purpose. It prepares students in a unique way so they're ready for work, ready for life, ready for anything. Without it you're running in place. With it you're sprinting into the future.

At Champlain College, students come to us with passion and determination. We teach them what they want to know and help them understand what they need to know. We provide unparalleled support and revel in the partnerships we create. We offer tools to think and to act, and the opportunity to immediately put them to use. Because learning how to think without knowing what to do is an education half-done.

At Champlain, both teachers and students stretch. Dreams start coming to life far before the degree is earned. For those who are instinctively ambitious, we provide a springboard for their ideas. We believe our radically pragmatic education is what makes it all possible.

It's what helps put initiative into practice. We could say we prepare students for the real world, but at Champlain they're already there.

Mission Statement

Champlain College endeavors to be a leader in educating today's students to become skilled practitioners, effective professionals and engaged global citizens. Champlain's agile and entrepreneurial approach to higher education uniquely blends technology leadership, market savvy, innovation and fiscal responsibility with a commitment to liberal learning, community involvement and "the human touch." This distinctive approach permeates the delivery of relevant, rigorous student-centered programs in business, arts, applied technology and public service.

Positioning Statement

Champlain College engages motivated learners of all ages in an active, applied, and inquiry-based education, uniquely combining a deeply-rooted understanding of the needs of the workplace with a community of caring and responsive professionals. All of this provides the opportunity for career transformation and a meaningfully better life.