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In order to be more strategic and effective in obtaining press attention, the College’s Public Information and News office is implementing a new procedure to help gather the news on campus.


We want to help you spread the good news about Champlain College. The information you provide on the form will be used by Champlain College Public Information writers to create the news releases sent to the media—both on-campus and off-campus media, blogs and social media links.

Please try to submit your information and details at least one month in advance of the date you want your information to go out if it is for a public event. NOTE: Newspaper, radio and TV "calendar of events" sections usually require event news releases three weeks in advance. Get your information together early!

If your information is about an event (lecture, performance, etc.), remember: Generally, only events open to the general public are eligible for a standard news release

Events open only to students can be publicized through the My.Champlain portal announcements channel, posting on the newsblog, social media or by contacting the editor of the Current newspaper or Campus Compass staff in the EMC.

Good topics for news releases include: new hires or promotions; regional, state or national awards for student instructionally related activities, teams or groups; regional, state, or national awards for faculty and staff members; new academic programs or majors; workshops, seminars and lectures (open to the public) by interesting speakers or on interesting, timely topics; and performances by student groups.

Please note: Information about graduations, dean’s list and other Champlain academic awards are provided by the Advising and Student Office. Those hometown news releases are created and sent through our Read Media release service.

Most news releases will generally be limited to 150 to 200 words

By filling out the form and all the questions that apply, you will make it possible to make the process more efficient – which helps save time, avoid duplication of effort and offer a consistent place to send news. It also allows us to quickly post to social media, blogs and respond to other public information and marketing needs. Ultimately, I hope it will save time and avoid missed opportunities to tell our stories.

This form will also serve as a great starting point to help us identify stories that could be offered to local, regional and national media. In those cases, we will contact you directly for more information.

Your assistance in providing full information in a timely manner is the key to getting Champlain’s stories out to the media and beyond. This is a tool to help me do a better job for you and the College. Thanks. And if you have any questions about this new procedure, don’t hesitate to email or call.

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