How to Request a Job

What You Should Know:

Every job that goes through the Marketing Department needs to begin with a Job Request form. Along with submitting the form, you will need to supply us with a Word document containing initial copy and/or information points, and any relevant files we’ll need to understand or develop the job. Our Production Manager will work on a schedule for the project, and you will be contacted if there is outstanding information or if we have questions. Once the job is passed off to the Project Manager, you may be contacted to set up a meeting to clarify the project.

The Process:

  • Complete the Job Request form at if you have been set up as a ‘client’. If not, please contact Trezanra Robertson, and she will set you up.
  • A Creative Brief may be written, depending on complexity of the job, and sent to you for approval before the project begins. The Creative Brief will ensure that everyone is in agreement on the scope of the project.
  • Upon approval of the Creative Brief (if necessary), we will move on to:
    • copywriting (two rounds of proofs for most jobs)
    • layout (two rounds of proofs for most jobs)
    • estimating
    • delivery

Before you submit a Job Request, please be sure that:

The following information is required at the time the Job Request is submitted:

  • Completed Job Request form
  • "Final” copy, or copy points (spell-checked, fact-checked and approved by the necessary parties in your department), in a Word .doc that we will
    • a) drop into the layout,
    • b) refine as necessary or
    • c) use as a guideline when developing copy
  • If final Copy is unavailable we will need a firm date for when we will receive the “Final” copy in a Word .doc
  • Any photography you possess that you would like used in the project (must be high-resolution)
  • Any reference material you would like us to consider as we work on the job
  • A dollar amount, or range, you have to work within (this will allow us to write and design the piece within your budget)
  • A single point of contact in your department.

Once you have submitted all the necessary information, you will receive an email confirming that the job request has been received. The more advance notice we receive, the better we're able to brainstorm and provide you with the best possible product.

Be sure to allow plenty of time for the approval process. All communication and proofs will go through the designated point person, and he or she will be responsible for obtaining any outstanding information, collecting and forwarding edits/changes to the marketing department after reviewing the proof, and sign-off/final approval on the project within their department (Supervisor, VP, Provost, President, etc.).