Writing and Design Needs

Editing & Writing:

Please clarify on the Job Request form whether you need copywriting, editing of documents your office has already written or prepared, or revision of an existing piece. For jobs that require editing/revising, please make sure your Word document is complete or very nearly complete before you submit it. Please fact-check the information before it is sent to us. One of the copywriters or editors in our office will discuss with you your goals for the piece and then edit it, marking any grammatical mistakes, noting missing information, or highlighting more complicated problems with the copy. We’ll let you know if we’re in need of more information from you. You will be sent all copy for review, and we will work with you until the copy meets your needs and the College’s needs.

If we are developing new copy for you, please provide a Word document containing a list of copy points you expect to be covered in the piece. Once the copywriter has developed copy, you will be sent a document for review. We will work with you to ensure the copy meets your needs and the College’s needs.

For in-depth writing projects, the process will be much the same, though it will probably be necessary for one or more writers/editors, and possibly a designer, first to meet with you and others from your office/department to discuss and clarify the direction and goals of the project. You’ll then be provided with a Creative Brief for your review and approval before any work begins.

Layout & Design:

Once we have final, approved copy, we go into layout. Our designers will design and lay out the piece per the established brand guidelines set by the College, as well as per the needs of the client. If you are not providing images for the piece, we will access our own database of images, or use stock photography if necessary. The designer will send for your review two rounds of proofs using the approved copy. Any edits should be collected and forwarded to the designer in a bulleted list.

Copy edits at this point should be minimal, if any. Please understand that significant copy changes while in layout will throw a project off schedule, and will mean we may need to reschedule your job around other work that had been scheduled for that time.