Permit Registration

Parking Permits for Spring 2015

Lakeside permits for Faculty/Staff will be available beginning Dec. 10th. ALL other permits will become available on Dec. 15th.

Register at

All vehicles, not including motorcycles, operating on campus must register no later than the first week of classes each semester.

Students, faculty and staff may apply for parking permits by logging on to When you reach "The Permit Store," enter Champlain as your parking destination. Students, faculty and staff will all be required to use the last 7 digits of their Datatel ID number during the registration process. Limited parking is available in Champlain College zones, therefore permits will be issued by zone on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are paying by check or money order, your decal will not be mailed until the payment is received. Permits cost $70-90 per semester (depending on zone) for part time students and staff and $170-$200 per semester (depending on zone) for full time students and staff.

If you are paying by credit card, once you have entered your credit card information, you will receive a message that says "approved," this only means your credit card was accepted-this does not mean your parking request was approved.

How to Order

When first visiting, applicants will be asked to create a new account in the system. The process uses the applicant's email address as the account name and the applicant will create a password to access their account. Forgotten passwords can be retrieved at anytime as long as the applicant can receive emails at the address used to create the account.

The following information is needed to complete a campus parking permit purchase:

  1. Personal Info - Name, Address, Email and College ID number.
  2. Vehicle Info - Vehicle make, model, year, color, and license plate number.
  3. Payment - Credit card, check or money order. Payroll deduction is also available for qualified faculty and staff.

If the application is approved a parking permit will be sent in the mail to your campus mail box or home address provided at registration if you do not have a campus box. It will be received in 2-3 business days (with exceptions for holidays and weekends).