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Human Resources & Organizational Development at Champlain College

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"By 2020, Champlain Will foster a culture of learning, innovation and collaboration; Champlain Will successfully support the grown and transition of a high-performance employee community; Champlain Will utilize mechanisms to know the College's workforce "pulse" and develop the ability to respond quickly, comprehensively and proactively in addressing organizational needs."

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People and Roles in Human Resources & Organizational Development

Click here to view HR&OD staff and see who does what.


View all employee benefits, view forms, and see direct links to vendor websites.


View information on DARE U, view current course offering and see previous course offerings and associated materials.

Employee Perks

See what discounts are available to Champlain employees.

Interview Exchange

This is our applicant tracking system. Click here to log on to view candidates applying for current positions.

Labor Law Posters

Modern Think

View information abou the Modern Think survey administered in the Spring of 2014.  Find out what has been done with the information and whats coming up!

New Employee Information

Are you new to Champlain? Select here to find all the information you need to know.


View important information regarding payroll schedules, approval deadlines and information regarding W-2's.

Policies, Procedures, and Forms

View all HR & OD policies, procedures, and forms. Note if it is a benefit form it may be under that specific benefit page.

Performance Management

View all faculty and staff performance management information.

Recognition and Awards

View the recognition and awards programs at Champlain and see previous winners.


Do you have a position to fill? Are you on a search committee? Find important information on the process here.

Staff Holiday Calendar

View the staff holiday calendar for 2014-2017.

Total Compensation Statement

View information on your 2014 Total Compensation Statement.


Find you personal wellbeing here!

Workday Training Documents

View all Workday training documents on Canvas here.