Dare U

Courses and Workshops

Courses are categorized to help staff set and achieve specific professional development goals.

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Leadership Leadership Competencies
Tech Skills Professional Competencies and Technical Skills
knowledge Institutional Knowledge and College Policies
wellbeing Wellbeing


DARE U provides developmental learning and growth opportunities for employees that are aligned with Champlain College's mission and goals. These opportunities will excite, engage and empower employees. Employee development is personal and meaningful, yet connected to the common purpose of the institution.


DARE U provides continuous, coherent, progressive learning opportunities, promotes employee excitement, engagement and empowerment, and fosters high performance for individuals and the organization.


DARE U programming adheres to the following values:

  • Aligned with competencies, strategic planning, missions, values and goals
  • Supported by College leadership and managers
  • Meaningful, exciting and beneficial to employees, while mindful of employees' limited time
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Accommodates learning styles
  • Based on employee interest and need