Guide for Employees

Welcome to Champlain College! This guide was developed by the Staff Welfare Committee. If you have corrections or suggestions for the guide, please send them to

On this page, you will find information on the following:

I. Getting Started —Your First Week at Champlain College

Using your College ID Card

Every employee receives and ID card, which can be used for many things including:

  • Key access to buildings and rooms, including locker rooms and staff/faculty common room: Put in a SchoolDude work request —under Maintenance, "Key and Lock" here.
  • Meal Plan/Cash Card: Your ID card can pay for meals at the cafeteria, personal postage at the mail room and merchandise at the bookstore. Contact Student Accounts to purchase a meal plan or add funds to your card at
  • Checking out books from the library: For more information or to search the catalog, visit the library's website.
  • CCTA bus rides: You can use your card to ride the CCTA buses at no charge. Just swipe your card when you get on the bus. Click here for more information.
  • Employee discounts: See the list of available discounts with area businesses under Employee Perks.

Using the Telephone

  • For instructions on how to use your Cisco phone,click here.
  • To dial an on-campus number, dial the four-digit extension. To dial off-campus numbers, first dial "7" to get an outside line.
  • To make a long-distance call, dial 7, then 1, then the area code, then the seven-digit phone number.
  • To search the campus phone directory, go here. You can also locate the directory in the contact list in Gmail. Employees' mailbox and phone numbers are included in the directory. Cisco also has a directory feature. For more information about conference calling and other features of the Cisco phones, contact Champ Support at .
  • To use teleconferencing: Need to attend a meeting but can't be there in person? Here is a list of rooms and technological capabilities to help you plan.
    • Via Audio
      • Both Freeman 300 conference rooms via conference phone
      • All conference rooms at Lakeside via phone
      • All conference rooms in Perry via phone
      • Other common meeting rooms that have a standard telephone with a speaker phone feature including: Morgan room, Aiken Conference, IDX 309, Skiff 119 and Hauke boardroom.
    • Via Computer
      • Lakeside 211, 222, 200A (specific camera setup with wall-mounted LCD screen)
      • Any Lakeside conference room with a laptop
      • Any Perry conference room with a laptop

Using Your Computer

Each employee is given a single sign-on password that allows you to log into your own College-issued computer, as well as any public computer on campus. This password is used for all College systems as well.

There are various drives that employees can use to store and access files. For more information, contact Champ Support at

  • H: Your own personal storage which only you have access to.
  • I: Normally a department drive shared by your department.
  • J: Everyone has read/write access. A good place to share non-confidential files with others.
  • K: All faculty and staff have read access, but only certain people have write access. Typically used for documents such as Staff Council meeting minutes, etc.
  • Y: Used to store your email if your email box fills up.
  • X: Used to share files among different departments. These directories are made as needed for groups.

Using Email

  • Outlook/Webmail: You can view, send and receive emails through Gmail or Webmail, which is accessible through the Faculty/Staff page or directly here.
  • Locating other employees' email addresses: Email addresses can be found in the directory, as well as through the address book in Gmail.
  • Faculty/Staff Distribution Lists: To send an email to all faculty, use the "Faculty-All" distribution List. To send an email to all staff, use the "Staff" distribution list. These lists should be used for business-related information only. (Please place addresses in the "BCC" field when emailing to a large group.)
  • Optional Distribution Lists: There are several other email distribution lists on campus. Participation on these lists is optional. If you wish to be added to or removed from these lists, please contact Champ Support at
    • "Broadcast": For messages of general interest to the campus community, including event announcements.
    • "Forsale": For advertising items for sale or rent.
    • "Discussion": For general discussion of current topics or other issues.
  • Email Etiquette: At times, everyone is overburdened by emails. Please be considerate and cautious when using the "reply all" feature, and use only when necessary. (For more information on email etiquette and time-savers, view the Email 101 Canvas course.)

Sending/Receiving Mail

  • Employees' mailbox numbers can be found in the directory and in the address book in Outlook.
  • Champlain College's legal address is 163 South Willard Street, Burlington, VT 05401. (No mail should be sent to this address.)
  • Champlain College's mailing address is P.O. Box 670, Burlington, VT 05402. Packages CAN be sent to this address.
  • Shipping address/alternate mailing address is 246 South Willard Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

Commuting to work

Champlain College encourages alternative modes of transportation, including free rides on CCTA buses, discounts with CarShare Vermont, and a bike/walk rewards program with an emergency ride home program through CATMA.

Parking on campus

See the Parking Registration Policies and Procedures website for more information.

Getting around campus

There's a campus map on the College website here and our Shuttle system can help get you there.

Time off requests/Time entry

Time off requests for all employees are made through Workday, which is accessible from the Faculty/Staff page. Hourly employees enter their time into Workday each week. For more information, contact Jackie Greer at 865-5431 or

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II. College Services

Mail room

The mail room is located in Cushing Hall basement. For information on services and hours of operation, visit the mail room's website.


Champlain operates a continuous shuttle service between the main campus and the Lakeside Campus (also called the Miller Center). For information on shuttle schedules and stops, visit the transportation webpage. A real-time shuttle locator map can be found here. You can also download an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone (called 'Champ Shuttle").

Food and Beverages

The main dining hall in the IDX Student Life Center is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Free coffee and tea are available for staff and faculty until 10 a.m. Please bring a mug.

Fitness Center

Located in the IDX Student Life Center, the Fitness Center offers cardio equipment, Cybex weights and free weights. Group fitness classes are also offered for yoga, kickboxing, Pilates and Zumba. There is a separate locker room for staff and faculty, accessible using your Champlain ID card. Click here for more information. There is also fitness equipment available on the first floor of Lakeside for employee use only.

Campus Facilities/Physical Plant

The Physical Plant staff provides and oversees cleaning, carpentry, mail delivery, the switchboard, painting, locksmithing, HVAC, groundskeeping/landscaping and snow removal. Send requests for repairs and other services through SchoolDude, a web-based ticketing system accessible from your computer's "Start" button or here.

Champ Support/Help Desk

Champlain College Support services is the single access point for information related to your computer or AV needs. Champ Support comprises the Media Services department and the Computer Help Desk. The Help Desk supports all technology used on campus, including email, Internet, printers and telephones. Call 860-2710, or visit Champ Support's Webpage.


The Champlain library's resources include print books and periodicals, electronic books, microfilm, videotapes and access to an extensive collection of full-text electronic journals. Champlain also has a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the University of Vermont and Saint Michael's College. For more information, visit the library's website.

Sustain Champlain

This campus-wide initiative infuses sustainability concepts and practices throughout Champlain College by coordinating and promoting best practices. For more information about the initiatives—including recycling and composting information on campus—visit the Sustain Champlain website.

Event Center

The center manages all room reservations for the campus. To reserve a room, request catering, or reserve media equipment, go to the College's Virtual EMS (Event Management System).

Finance Department

The Finance Department handles all invoices and requisitions. To make purchases for the College, submit a requisition form. You can get this form and a Sales Tax Exemption form from Fran Estes in the Finance Office or from your Operations Manager. To be reimbursed for work-related travel, complete the Electronic Travel Expense form, also available from Fran or your Operations Manager. (Note: these forms will soon be available on the website.) Office Max is the College's preferred supplies vendor. Work-related purchases at the bookstore can be charged to departmental budgets.

Financial Aid and Federal Work-Study

Federal work-study is a type of financial aid awarded to students who have documented financial need and meet certain eligibility requirements. The program provides part-time jobs allowing students who qualify to earn money to help pay educational expenses. If you would like to hire a work-study student:

  • verify with your Dean or Manager that you have a budget for hiring work-study students
  • contact Michelle Veladota at to be set up in the system
  • attend a training session
  • fill out a job description template and send to Michelle Veladota
  • contact Angela Hyldburg at to post your approved job description to JobSpot

The full process is covered in training where you will learn to use the College's hiring and time-entry system, Workday. For more information and to view the Work-Study Handbook, visit here.

Employee Discounts

  • Apple products.Champlain College offers students, faculty and staff discounts on Apple products. For more information, visit Champlain College's Apple store.
  • Cell phone service. Staff and faculty receive discounts on monthly cell service through AT&T and Verizon. Visit the Employee Perks page for more information.
  • Local businesses.Staff and faculty receive discounts at a variety of local businesses. Visit the Employee Perks page for more information.

People Center

For People Center-related information, visit the People Center website. Benefits information can also be found on the People Center website.

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III. College Systems and Technologies

  • Faculty/Staff page: This is the main page for accessing many college systems, including Workday, WebAdvisor, Datatel, Canvas and Clearspace.

  • Datatel: As the College's database system, it's used by Student Services and Enrollment (including Residential Life, Admissions and Advising and Registration), Finance, People Center, and the Office of Advancement.

  • WebAdvisor: An extension of Datatel, WebAdvisor provides students, faculty and staff access to College databases.

  • Clearspace: A place to collaboratively create documents, have discussions, post blog entries and coordinate on projects. Clearspace is accessible from the Faculty/Staff page. Contact Champ Support at for more information.

  • Canvas: A web-pased learning management system used for all online and face-to-face courses at Champlain, as well as professional development courses for staff. For more information, visit here.

  • Entrinsik Informer: A web-based report-writing system used by various business units to create reports from data contained in the Datatel database. For more information, contact Susan Paquette at

  • Ingeniux: The College's content management system, which is used to update all webpages. For access and training, contact Brian Andrews at

  • Champlain Compass: A one-stop shop of information, including real-time shuttle bus locations a calendar of events and weather updates. The Compass is available across campus on touch screens or here. Click here to submit something to the Compass.

  • Champlain Explorer: A weekly round-up of news that includes information about what's happening on campus, highlights of student, faculty and staff accomplishments, new staff announcements, a weekly calendar of events, and timely links to other campus newsletters and media coverage of Champlain College. Send submissions to

  • Workday: The College's human capital management technology solution. Many People Center-related functions are handled in Workday, including payroll processing. Employees and managers have self-service functionality, increased access and user-friendly tools.

  • ASG Safari: A report writing software used for creating more complex reports against the Datatel database, which can't be handled using Informer. For more information, contact Susan Paquette at

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IV. Accidents, Emergencies and Campus Closures

Work-related accidents or injuries

If you're injured at work, visit the People Center Worker's Compenstion website, accessed at You'll find information about the College's walk-in clinic for non-emergency, work-related injuries, how to report an injury, and how to file a Workers' Compensation claim.


Campus Closure Protocol

If the campus closes because of weather, a power outage or another reason, the campus Public Safety department will issue a campus alert to registered users (see above to register), and email notices will be broadcast to all campus affiliates. Affiliates will be notfied by 6:30 am that the College will be closed or open late and directed to the website for further information. The Champlain College campus Webpage will post school closing information here.

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V. Getting Involved

Staff Council

The purpose of the Champlain College Staff Council is to advocate for the best interests of staff members; foster an environment of respect and fairness; and help build a sense of community by facilitating efective communication among staff, administration, faculty and students. Staff Council provides representation in the larger College community, organizes networking among staff members and provides input to the process of planning professional development opportunities. There are three standing committees of the Staff Council: Staff Welfare, Professional Development, and Networking and Recreation. New members are always welcome. For more information, visit the Staff Council Website.

Other Campus Committees

There are many other campus-wide committees that are active on campus, including Faculty Senate, College Council, Sustain Champlain, Diversity and Inclusion, Conduct Review Board and the Wellbeing Team.

Campus Events

To find out what's happening on campus, visit the Event Calendar or visit the Champlain Compass. Events on campus that are open to all staff and faculty include faculty-staff retreats, Town Hall meetings, the employee recognition dinner in the spring and the holiday party in December.

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VI. About Champlain College

Brief History: Champlain College was estabished in 1878 as the Burlington Business School. In 1958, the College moved to the Hill Section of Burlington and changed its name to Champlain College. More can be found here.

Mission Statement: Champlain College endeavors to be a leader in education today's students to become skilled practitioners, effective professionals and engaged global citizens. Champlain's agile and entrepreneurial approach to higher education uniquely blends technology leadership, market savvy, innovation and fiscal responsibility with a commitment to liberal learning, community involvement and "the human touch." This distinctive approach permeates the delivery of relevant, rigorous, student-centered programs in business, arts, applied technology and public service.

College Values: Distinctive Excellence * Sustainability * Innovation * Human Touch * Global Engagement * Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic and Master Plans: Learn more about the Strategic Plan (Champlain 2020) and the Campus Master Plan here.

Organizational Structure: Organizational charts can be viewed in Workday. To find out how to view, go here. Note: You will need to be logged in the Faculty & Staff page to view.

Student Body Size: About 2,000 on-campus undergraduates; 675 Continuing Professional Studies students and 400 graduate students. More information about the College, inlcuding academic programs, can be found here.

Degrees Offered: Associate of Science (AS); Bachelor of Business Administration (BSBA); Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA); Bachelor of Science (BS); Bachelor of Social Work (BSW); Master of Business Administration (MBA); Master of Education (M.Ed); Master of Fine Arts (MFA); Master of Science (MS).

Staff and Faculty Size: About 400 full-time faculty and staff with 250 adjunct faculty.

Board of Trustees: See the current list of trustees here.

Class Schedules: To view offered classes, log into the Faculty/Staff page, click on WebAdvisor > Employees > Search for Sections (under Academic Resources) and then select term (semester) and subject from the appropriate drop-down menu.

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VII. Frequently-Used Acronyms and References

Departments and Divisions

  • BUS/SSB = Stiller School of Business
  • CPS = Division of Continuing & Professional Studies
  • CCM = Division of Communication & Creative Media
  • Core = Core Division
  • ITS = Information Technology & Sciences
  • EHS = Division of Education & Human Studies
  • ODI = Office of Diversity & Inclusion
  • LEAD = Life Experience & Action Dimension (now part of Career Collaborative)
  • OIE = Office of International Education

Buildings and Places

  • AUD = Alumni Auditorium
  • EMC = Emergent Media Center (at the Lakeside campus)
  • ESC = Enrollment Service Center (at Perry Hall)
  • GBTC/Ireland = S.D. Ireland Global Business & Technology Center, home to the Stiller School of Business
  • LCDI = Leahy Center for Digitial Investigation
  • MCLC = Miller Center at Lakeside
  • MIC = Miller Information Commons (Library)
  • SLC or IDX = IDX Student Life Center
  • Vista Room = in the Miller Information Commons
  • Tower Room = in the IDX Dining Hall

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