Officers and Committees

2014-2015 Staff Council Officers and Executive Board Members

Congratulations to our newly elected Staff Council members. Elections were held at our May 2014 Annual Meeting.

  • President (2 year term - ending 2016): Christina Erickson

  • Vice President (2 year term - ending 2015): Katrina Bennett

  • Treasurer (2 year term - ending 2016): April O'Dell

  • Secretary (2 year term - ending 2015): Rebecca Corneau

  • Board Member (1 year term - ending 2015): Brian Andrews

  • Board Member (1 year term - ending 2015): Sarah Jerger

  • Board Member (1 year term - ending 2015): Kate Pellegrini

  • Immediate Past President (1 year term - ending 2015): Roland F. Palmer

2014-2015 Standing Committees and Chairs

Staff Welfare:
Abigail "Abby" Mendenhall (co-chair), Ursula Jones (co-chair), Kate Pellegrini (Board Liaison), Linda Goodrum, Joe Williams, Mike Crowley, Dan O'Hara

Have something you want Staff Welfare to discuss? Email us

Networking & Recreation:
Maggie Melvin (chair), Brian Andrews (Board Liaison), Tee Mulhall, Bret Dewhurst, Emily Wargo, Jared Cadrette, Emily Peters, Meaghan MacDonald, Fran Estes, Sarah Jerger

Professional Development:
Mark Zammuto (chair), Sarah Jerger (Board Liaison), Christine Hutchins, Ellen Zeman, Mary M. Lee, Roland Palmer, Almir Salkic, Josh Blumberg, Jen Adrian, Ted Laskaris, Tee Mulhall

Staff Council Representatives for College Council (appointed annually by the Staff Council Executive Committee):
Brian Andrews, Bridget Baldwin, Christina Erickson,  Noah Goldblatt, Ted Winokur, Jimena Huaco, William McCrary

Top Ten Reasons To Get Involved In Staff Council

  1. Gets you out of your office on a regular basis
  2. You get to meet new people
  3. You will learn new skills or improve the ones you have
  4. You are an advocate for the best interest of all staff members (no costume changes required)
  5. You get your name listed on the Staff Council web page
  6. You get to list your service on your annual Performance Evaluation (impressive!)
  7. It looks great on your LinkedIn profile
  8. Because it really is FUN
  9. You get to work with fellow staff members from all areas of the college
  10. You can really make a difference for all Staff

Interested in joining one of the Staff Council Committee? Feel free to contact the chairs of the committees or one of your Staff Council Officers.