Officers and Committees

2014-2015 Staff Council Officers and Executive Board Members

Congratulations to our newly elected Staff Council members. Elections were held at our May 2014 Annual Meeting.

  • President (2 year term - ending 2016): Christina Erickson

  • Vice President (2 year term - ending 2015): RJ Sweeney

  • Treasurer (2 year term - ending 2016): Jessica Chappel

  • Secretary (2 year term - ending 2015): Rebecca Corneau

  • Board Member (1 year term - ending 2015): Brian Andrews

  • Board Member (1 year term - ending 2015): Sarah Jerger

  • Board Member (1 year term - ending 2015): Kate Pellegrini

  • Immediate Past President (1 year term - ending 2015): Roland F. Palmer

2014-2015 Standing Committees and Chairs

Staff Welfare:
Abigail "Abbey" Mendenhall (co-chair), Ursula Jones (co-chair), RJ Sweeney (Board Liaison), Jess Clarke, Linda Goodrum, Joe Williams, Susan Pankey, Mike Crowley, Dan O'Hara

Have something you want Staff Welfare to discuss? Email us

Networking & Recreation:
Maggie Melvin (chair), Brian Andrews (Board Liaison), Tee Mulhall, Bret Dewhurst, Emily Wargo, Jared Cadrette, Emily Peters, Meaghan MacDonald, Fran Estes, Sarah Jerger

Professional Development:
Mark Zammuto (chair), Sarah Jerger (Board Liaison), Christine Hutchins, Ellen Zeman, Mary M. Lee, Roland Palmer

Staff Council Representatives for College Council (appointed annually by the Staff Council Executive Committee):
Becky Peterson, Brian Andrews, Bridget Baldwin, Christina Erickson, Jess Clarke, Noah Goldblatt, Ted Winokur

Top Ten Reasons To Get Involved In Staff Council

10 - Gets you out of your office on a regular basis
9 - You get to meet new people
8 - You will learn new skills or improve the ones you have
7 - You are an advocate for the best interest of all staff members (no costume changes required)
6 - You get your name listed on the Staff Council web page
5 - You get to list your service on your annual Performance Evaluation (impressive!)
4 - It looks great on your LinkedIn profile
3 - Because it really is FUN
2 - You get to work with fellow staff members from all areas of the college
1 - You can really make a difference for all Staff

Interested in joining one of the Staff Council Committee? Feel free to contact the chairs of the committees or one of your Staff Council Officers.

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