Staff Council Awards

Each year Staff Council solicits nominations for our two annual Staff Council Awards through a sub-committee of the Staff Welfare Committee.

Staff Council Service Award Linda Goodrum

Take this opportunity to nominate a member of the Staff Council that you feel helps to make the organization stronger/better. Your nominee should be someone you think embodies the type of member we aspire to be. Perhaps they are a regular participant that supports the Council's initiatives/events or someone that consistently brings issues forward, to name a few. Submit the nominee's name and a description detailing why you think they should receive this award.

2015       Linda Goodrum

2014      Abby Mendenhall

2013      The Wellbeing Committee (Debra Dayman, Catherine Bergeron-Radoux, Karen Dusini, Julie Eldred, Linda Goodrum)

2012      Christina Erickson

2011      Mary Sanborn

2010      Jen Perlee

2009      Erin Meenan

2008      Roland Palmer

Staff Council Innovation Award Nic Anderson

Be part of the solution. If you know someone that had a great new idea and it was implemented during the past year, summarize what, why and how they did it. Or, if you have a great idea you'd like to get off the ground to be implemented, write it up and send it our way. Let's think outside the box!

2015      Nic Anderson

2014      Tim Austin

2013      Mark Zammuto

2012      Jen Sweeney

2011      Claire Williams Giroux

2010      Ellen Zeman

2009      Darlene McGrath

2008      Bob Bolin