Learning Outcomes

In order to deliver a comprehensive and unique healthcare management program, our online MSHCA was developed with the following core elements:

Industry Specific Content
Our program goes beyond generic management and health policy courses. Our online MSHCA is one of the few that perfectly combines content in health care, business, management, and information technology and systems together under one program. Following the input of our industry advisors and relying upon national data regarding the skills health care employers are seeking, courses address the multiple perspectives of the health care provider, administrator, patient and payer.

An Emphasis on Managing and Leading
Some of the biggest challenges include: motivating and supporting an aging and intergenerational workforce, growing performance expectations, and managing increasingly complex measurement systems. This program provides you with the frameworks, perspectives, and models you need to be an effective leader in the health sector.

A Performance Improvement Framework
Champlain has built performance improvement perspectives and tools into its courses to assist you in making data-driven decisions and creating a workplace environment of continuous assessment and quality improvement.

The Strategic Power of Information Systems
The program emphasizes information technology systems that support all facets of the industry, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to harness their power to improve the delivery and cost of care.

Education that Goes to Work
As an institution, Champlain takes a career-oriented approach and action learning perspective that directly respond to the workplace and the needs of adult learners. You are taught skills that enable you to be a reflective practitioner who is committed to improving your professional practice and personal development. This model integrates learning with the workplace through project work that is directly linked to your chosen field location. The curriculum is designed to integrate multiple areas of management with each course's core content area and assignments and projects are based on the real problems and opportunities that you as a healthcare manager face each day. In addition, you are encouraged to constantly reflect on your learning as a process of ongoing personal development and transformation.

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