Health Information Technology Degree

The Champlain online health information technology degree:

  • Respects your healthcare experience and focuses on the healthcare information technology aspect of this career, rather than bogging you down with the clinical information you already know and use every day;
  • Requires you to have an associate degree, or 60 equivalent college credits;
  • Is a 100% online degree, with no on-campus requirements and courses taught in 7 week sessions;
  • Adds value for you and your organization by requiring you, in a capstone project, to propose a solution to a real issue within your organization through a researched, tested and recommended healthcare technology systems;
  • Prepares you for a career working with healthcare providers, the internal IT team, and outside vendors to customize and implement a health information management system that propels the organization toward meaningful use as an accountable care organization.


Professional Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
HITS 110 Health Data Content and Structure 3
HITS 220 Coding and Classification Systems 3
HITS 230 Reimbursement Methodologies 3
HITS 300 Health Data Systems and Technology 3
HCMT 330 Privacy & Protection: Law/Regulation in HC 3
CMIT 130 Networking Fundamentals 3
CMIT 135 Introduction to Computer Systems 3
NETW 240 Computer and Network Security 3
CMIT 200 Relational Database Design & SQL 3
CMIT 310 Enterprise Database Systems 3
SDEV 230 Information Systems Analysis & Design 3
MGMT 260 Project Management 3
HITS 410 Capstone in Healthcare IT 3
  Professional Course Credits: 39

General Education Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
MATH 180 Statistics 3
COMM 130 OR Interpersonal Communication  
COMM 270 Intercultural Communication 3
ENGL 315 Writing in the Workplace 3
WRIT 231 Technical Writing 3
PHIL 340 Ethics in the Professions 3
  General electives (Arts, Hum, Soc Sci, Math, Sci, Hist)

  General Education Course Credits: 21
  Total Credits: 60