Online Health Information Technology Program

Our online health information technology bachelor's degree utilizes your healthcare experience as the foundation to allow hands-on learning as you apply your knowledge to the health information management systems and processes you will learn in this program.


Drive Change

Technology is the driving force behind much of the change in healthcare. The industry needs people who can pull the data from that technology, create meaning from the information, and drive efficiency and change while increasing the quality of care for patients.

Learn From Experts

The online health information technology program is anchored in the real world, with instructors who are also practitioners and are passionate about their area of expertise and helping you succeed in this dynamic field. Additionally, as professionals from various areas of healthcare, you and your classmates will learn from each other by sharing best practices and diverse perspectives. Our online courses are a great way to learn while building a network of relationships that you'll benefit from throughout your career.

Credit For What You Know

Our online bachelor's degree in health information technology is built for professionals just like you; individuals that have earned an associate degree, or have equivalent experience, and are currently employed by a healthcare organization. And through our PATHe program you can get up to 30 additional credits for that life experience, leaving potentially just 10 courses for you to take to earn your bachelor's degree!

Meeting You Where You Are

Adult students come to us from all levels. Whether you are looking for a bachelor's degree or a master's degree, or if you want a package of professional courses (called a certificate) we have a program to meet your needs.