Certificate in Managing Innovation in Information Technology

Technology is changing in the global economy. Whether one is already in the IT field or in a business discipline, managers need to include sound management decisions as it pertains to the management of innovation through the use of Information Technology. It has become increasingly necessary for these managers to have a strong grasp of the information technology inherent to any enterprise. Information Technology knowledge is a driving force in any successful enterprise in today’s economy.

The Professional Certificate in Managing Innovation in Information Technology (15 credits) serves to strengthen managers with the tools necessary to make the decisions necessary to drive sound technology solutions required to enhance the outcomes for any business endeavor. The certificate is designed to provide a management based set of skills necessary to drive the decision-making process necessary for the effective implementation of technology solutions necessary for the enterprise's competitive success in the rapidly changing environment of Information Technology.

This certificate is a perfect option for you if:

  • you do not wish to pursue a full graduate degree but would like to obtain knowledge (and certification) as it relates to the management of information technology.
  • you have either an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree in Business (or MBA) and would like to obtain a certificate and a more in-depth proficiency in the Information Technology field.
  • you chose not to complete the degree for one reason or another could at least depart with a graduate certificate in the field (and return later to complete the degree)

Managing Innovation in Information Technology Certificate Curriculum:

Course # Description Credits
MIT 500 Foundations of IT Management 3
MIT 540 Managing Innovation through Information Technology 3
Choose one management focus course:
MIT 505 Project Management 3
MIT 525 Financial Decision Making for Management 3
Choose two additional IT specific courses
MIT 510 Convergence of Telecomm and Business 3
MIT 515 Managing Enterprise Data 3
MIT 520 Legal and Ethical Issues in Technology 3
MIT 530 IT Security and Strategy 3
MIT 535 Enterprise IT Systems 3
Total Credits: 15

Cost of Program

Tuition* $11,535
Estimated Books and Supplies $630

Length of Program

Intended Time to Completion: 12 months**


Jobs related to this program as determined by the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration


*Based on 2013-14 tuition of $769 per credit hour; this rate is subject to change, as tuition increases
**Calculated by assuming student takes one, 3-credit course for each 8-week term. It is expected that students who opt out of enrolling in consecutive terms will take longer to complete the program.

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