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Theory and Practice — Your Road to Success

Your knowledge of information technology as it applies to real-world solutions will establish you as a cutting-edge leader with a clear vision of the future.

Course #TitleCredits

Course List

MIT 500 Foundations of IT Management 3
MIT 505 Project Management 3
MIT 510 Convergence of Telecomm and Business 3
MIT 520 Legal and Ethical Issues in Technology 3
MIT 525 Financial Decision Making 3
MIT 540 Managing Innovation 3
MIT 550 Reflective Leadership and Planned Change 3
MIT 590 Capstone Project 3

Select three of the following four courses:

MIT 515 Managing Enterprise Data 3
MIT 530 IT Security and Strategy 3
MIT 535 Enterprise IT Systems 3
MIT 545 Strategic Planning for Web-Driven Businesses 3

Residency Experience

MBA 500 Integrated Reflective Practice 3
Total: 36