Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MSMIIT program will be able to:

  • Manage the integration of organizational values and content through leadership, negotiation, and the multiple dimensions of change management.
  • Develop and leverage innovative solutions to strategic, tactical and operational issues through the creative use of information technology, best practices, industry standards, and organizational knowledge at all levels within an enterprise.
  • Analyze and interpret the technical and management issues surrounding the selection, design and implementation of enterprise-wide information systems.
  • Work effectively in an organizational setting through negotiation, collaboration, and the effective management of human relations at all levels across the enterprise.
  • Demonstrate the written and verbal communication skills at all levels to effectively articulate the communication of vision in the fast-changing and multifaceted global IT environments of today and well into the future.
  • Create comprehensive and data-driven action plans that are based on the attainment of measurable results, clear trails of accountability and all appropriate risk assessment.
  • Design and implement comprehensive performance systems using established performance measurement criteria that are both qualitative and quantitative and meet the needs of the enterprise from a stakeholder perspective.
  • Design and implement capital planning and investment analysis procedures necessary for the success of an enterprise-wide IT environment.
  • Develop, implement and maintain an enterprise-wide information security program, including security policies, procedures and control techniques to both protect and defend information, systems and networks.
  • Demonstrate the value of research-based analysis for answering questions, solving problems, and implementing solutions.
  • Implement practices enterprise-wide that demonstrate the ethical use of IT systems and resources.