2015 Senior Class Gift: Improved Wheelchair Accessibility

The Senior Class Gift demonstrates our newest graduates' support for the College and the faculty and staff who have so positively impacted their lives and educations. The Senior Gift also supports current and future Champlain students and helps maintain the level of quality that makes Champlain College such a special place to learn.

The Challenge:

If we reach 50% class participation (or 242 seniors donating), an amazing alumna from the Class of '71 has pledged to back our gift with an additional $1,000! 

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About the Gift:

At times, it certainly feels like yesterday that we were scared young first-year students arriving for Orientation. It's hard to believe that, as members of the Class of 2015, we are now only a few months away from graduating and becoming, well, scared young professionals arriving for our first day of work. In the brief time remaining before graduation, we will make new memories with good friends, enjoy the perks of a discounted Sugarbush ski pass, celebrate Spring Meltdown one last time, and perhaps most importantly, we will consider the impact and legacy that our class will leave behind.

The Champlain College Class of 2015 has united to leave behind a very important legacy. Together, we have voted to fund improved wheelchair seating and accessibility within the newly renovated Alumni Auditorium. For many, the issue of accessibility is easily overlooked, but for the students, faculty, and guests who need it, this upgraded wheelchair accessibility will create a more welcoming campus and greater ease of travel throughout. Upon successful funding, these seats will bear a plaque recognizing our class for this meaningful, lasting, and important contribution. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my gift be used?

All Senior Class gifts will fund improved wheelchair seating and accessibility within the newly renovated Alumni Auditorium. Since the theater is still having the finishing touches put on, now is the perfect time to make this addition! 

What is the goal?

Our goal is to achieve at least 50% participation from our class, or 242 individual donors. If we reach this goal, we will receive an extra $1,000 towards our gift from an anonymous Alumni donor. 

How can I give?

It's easy to give to the Senior Class campaign! You will have plenty of opportunities to make your gift in person at one of the many Senior events this spring. You can also swipe your CC Cash Card at the Enrollment Services Center (1st Floor of Perry Hall), or you can make your gift online using our secure donation page.

Is there a specific amount I should give?

No! Any amount makes a difference and will help us reach our goal.  Can you give up your morning coffee for one day this week? How about that extra drink at Ri Ra? All gifts, no matter the size, have the ability to make a change on our campus.

Why should I give?

Why not give? It's easy, and by giving, you become part of a longstanding Champlain College tradition. The generosity of Alumni and senior classes from years past have helped to make Champlain the college it is today. With our Senior Class Gift, we will help shape the college we love so much and leave a legacy for future generations. Furthermore, participation rates impact our ranking in U.S. News and World Report, which enhances the value of your Champlain degree. For more, check out our "Top 15 Reasons to Give" below!

How was the gift selected?

The 2015 Senior Class Gift Committee reviewed a number of proposals and selected the top 3 to be voted on by the entire senior class. Wheelchair accessibility was the clear winner!

Why isn't Champlain already funding this project?

One important purpose of the Senior Class Gift is to build class unity around a priority that has been collectively determined by the graduating class, resulting in a tangible gift to the school. Our class could simply raise general funds for the College and let others decide how to use the money. Instead, the Class of 2015 is saying, "We believe that handicap accessibility is a top priority for this campus, and we want our money to benefit its improvement." The money we raise is our “Gift” to the school. The wheelchair accessibility projects are a visible representation of the Gift. Even if Champlain would have funded these handicap accessibility projects on its own, with the funds from the Senior Class Gift in place, the projects are now guaranteed to happen, AND the Class of 2015 will be recognized for it! 

How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved, the first one being: Give! If you’d like to participate at a greater level please contact the Senior Class Gift Committee at alumni@champlain.edu

Top 15 Reasons to Give:

  1. By following a tradition of senior class giving, we’re setting a standard for future graduating seniors —the higher the standard, the greater impact our gift can make.

  2. You can make your gift in honor, or in memory of, someone who has touched your life — be it a teacher, a classmate, a parent or a friend.

  3. The act of helping others through giving has been proven to enhance one’s sense of well-being

  4. It’s your first action as a Champlain College alumni, not just a student –feel all grown up!

  5. If you donate, then your friends will donate. If your friends donate, then their friends will donate, and so on. Inspire your friends and give now!

  6. You undoubtedly have many positive memories of your time at Champlain College — why not make a gift to commemorate that time?

  7. A donation gives you something, too: access to senior events, leaving behind our name on a plaque, and feeling good!

  8. Look at our campus’ hills and many stairs...wheelchair accessibility is something we need!

  9. It’s not the amount that’s important, it’s the participation. For the price of a drink at 3 Needs or a slice of pizza from Mr. Mikes, you can become a donor and leave your mark on Champlain College.

  10. It benefits you, too! The more seniors and alumni who give to Champlain College, the better the participation rates, which raise our ranking in U.S. News and World Report, which enhances the value of your degree.

  11. It’s easy! There are tons of ways to make your gift — you can send in a check, give cash at one of the many senior events, swipe your CC Cash Card at the ESC, or just give online!

  12. If 50% of the senior class gives, we will receive an additional $1,000 from a very generous alumna donor!

  13. By giving, you join a worldwide community of loyal Champlain supporters.

  14. It's tax deductible...and...

  15. Because it’s the right thing to do!  

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Your 2015 Senior Class Gift Committee thanks you!

Mary Still, Committee Chair
Byrne Geary
Danielle Hertz
Mahmoud Jabari
Mollie Kerns
Carrie Ladd
Erin Laffin
Austin Nelson
Jeremy Walla