Gift Planning - Plain & Simple

What do you want your giving to accomplish? Everyone has the ability to make a difference. What will your impact be? It really is all about you and the choices you make.

Do you want to:

  • Increase your retirement income?
  • Create a scholarship endowment?
  • Support Champlain College?
  • Reduce your tax liability?

Annual giving is important, but to make a real difference consider gift planning; a thoughtful approach to how you can have a major impact on the future of higher education. Gift planning requires forethought and can result in more meaningful giving.

Think of it this way. Annual giving maintains the present; Gift planning fuels the future.

So, what do you want your giving to accomplish?

Champlain's gift planning staff can help bring definition and fulfillment to your long-term goals. Call us today at 802-383-6620 or toll free at 866-421-7170. You can also email us at The only question that can't be answered is the one that's never asked. Acting now prevents confusion later on. Your heirs will appreciate it.