Our Donors

Meet Some of Champlain College's Donors


Di and Mike Agusta

(Diana Agusta is a former Champlain College employee)

"My job as the Assistant to the President of the College doesn't really allow me time to serve on a lot of committees or help on many special projects outside my responsibilities, so I make a financial gift to support the College" Diana explains. In addition to her annual fund support, Diana and husband Michael (who has earned two degrees from Champlain) have made a planned gift part of their will.

It all comes back to a lesson Diana learned when she started working at Champlain College. President C. Bader Brouilette encouraged her to make a contribution to the College's Century Fund. "You had to donate $100 a year, which was a lot back then, especially because I was still so poor and paying off my student loans. He felt it was important for every employee to give back, and I know Bader was always proud of me for making the commitment."


Ginger Camp '06

"I am regularly reminded that Champlain College is what helped provide me with a stable launching pad to grow into my career. I feel thankful for the grants and scholarships I received while building my foundation, and I hope to share the importance of continuing a pay-it-forward perspective with fellow Alumni and future students of Champlain College."


Owen Phipps '12

"When I think about the reason I give to Champlain every year, I realize it has to do with two main factors. First and foremost being the education I received. Champlain's career focused curriculum and dedicated professors really prepared me to instantly put to use the skills I learned in all of my classes to my full-time job and helped me advance quickly in my career. The second is how welcome and part of the Champlain community I instantly felt. From the President to the professors and the day-to-day staff of the college, I felt like I was someone that mattered to them and that they wanted me to succeed. Finding that in a college I feel is so unique and something I want every student to experience. I know my gift to Champlain gives other students the opportunity to get more financial aid, allows the college the ability to provide better programs, and gives the school the means to provide the students with the most state of the art facilities on campus. Without my support and the support of every donor things like this wouldn't be possible for Champlain."


Nancy Kerr

Professor and Program Director, Media Communications

"I love my students, and I love seeing them be successful! It is important to me to invest in my students in every way possible to propel then towards the success I know they can achieve."