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Perry Hall Welcome Center at Champlain College

Vision Innovation Passion

Five years ago, Champlain College embarked on an ambitious community effort to build institutional momentum, academic excellence and long-term financial stability. The name of this campaign has its roots with a group of Champlain College marketing students in Nilda Kerr's Branding class. Listening to real clients' needs (like those of Champlain) and proposing solutions provides our students with hands-on experiences that help them build an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. They called it: The Vision Innovation Passion Campaign.

Vision to develop a modern, beautiful campus where students could live and learn.

Innovation to create Centers of Excellence designed to give students real-world experience.

Passion to foster educational opportunities for everyone through international study opportunities and increased scholarships.

Thanks to Dillon Brooker, Matt Rochward, Jennifer Lapidow, Dan Racowsky, Courtney Parkinson, Andrew Jones, and Lyndsay Lord for turning their classroom experience into the theme of this campaign.

You Made it Happen!

The campaign ended June 30 with gifts and pledges of $34 million, well-over the $25 million goal set in 2008. The amount you helped us raise ensures that, as an institution and a community of thinkers and innovators, we'll continue to set new standards of excellence.

This would not have been possible without the magnanimous support from every part of the Champlain family: alumni, students, parents, employees, trustees and friends. Whether large or small, each and every gift was seen as a vote of confidence in the unique educational model that sets Champlain College apart from so many other colleges.

Today, we celebrate your generosity and our joint success.

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