Champlain Alumni Make It Happen

We've long known that Champlain alumni have the skills and talent to make history in individual ways. Now, our graduates have made history collectively. The Vision | Innovation | Passion campaign had the highest alumni participation ever in a comprehensive campaign at Champlain, and to all of you who donated, we are extremely grateful.

Alumni Meet the Participation Challenge of '2K42M'

On June 30, the Advancement Office announced it had met an ambitious 2K42M Challenge Goal, surpassing 2,000 alumni donors (including the Class of 2013) and securing a $2 million gift for the College.

A portion of the $10 million gift received from the Stiller Family Foundation was designated as a $2 million challenge grant. A long-term goal is to build institutional capacity through increased alumni annual support.

 To engage and excite alumni and the Senior Class of 2013, the Annual Giving and Alumni Relations team implemented an intensive and multi-faceted communication plan with a heavy emphasis on social media, special events, and unique appeal letters from beloved faculty members. As a result, in just eight months, 2,144 alumni made contributions raising $455,188, a record for a one-year period at Champlain, and by doing so, increased alumni participation by more than 160% over the previous year.  There was also reflected a record amount of participation from the class of 2013, with 71 percent of seniors contributing, which is a Champlain record for senior-class giving, and we're extremely thankful of the milestone.

Thank you to all the alumni  and seniors who contributed to 2K42M.

Why Did You Participate

"I gave because of the vast knowledge, positive experiences and memories I will take away from my time at Champlain. The Class of 2013 raised funds for our class gift of the Champlain Bee Apiary. This apiary is the first living, learning laboratory on campus. I am committed to giving back to Champlain because I hope many other students will continue to utilize Champlain's robust offerings to obtain the one-of-a kind learning experience the College offered me. I hope my participation motivates other seniors and graduates to give back and engage with Champlain." - Ollie Fichera '13

"I made my gift because Champlain — the people, the classes, the place itself — changed my life by giving me the tools and knowledge I needed to strive towards being my best self. I left that beautiful campus with confidence, marketable skills, a greater sense of self and a whole lot of Camp Champ pride. I give so that others can receive the same gifts Champlain gave me, which are the greatest gifts of all." Allison Arbuthnot Sanders '07

"I wouldn't be where I am today if it hadn't been for Champlain. I am proud to make a gift in support of Jim Ellefson, my favorite instructor, and hope that the amount I give back will continue to grow in the years to come. I think about folks like Professor Ellefson and the IS department every day and will be forever grateful for all they have done for me." Jason Langley '01
"I have been giving to Champlain College for many years. I now have an annual commitment and it will continue. Champlain was just beginning to evolve into the extraordinary, amazing, Vermont and indeed international community in 1993 that it is today. Champlain gave me the accounting skill set I needed to succeed in private accounting back then, and now I cannot imagine any other school so deserving of our support. I would not have achieved what I have without Champlain College." — Frank Boyle '93

"I'm proud to say I am an alumna of the College because Champlain has a reputation for being a great school and is recognized by many as a top college in the area. I support Champlain College's fundraising because it is a school that has given many a great education. I like the development going on with their new buildings and the new classes and degrees that are offered. Champlain made it easy for me to go to work right away!" Lisa Washburn '88

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