Master of Science in Law

During the program graduate students will perform ongoing critical self-reflection from academic and work-based experiences and articulate the personal learning and growth that have resulted from those experiences. Upon completion of the Master of Science in Law program, graduates will have learned the necessary skills to:

Confidently Interface with Legal Counsel

  • Interpret statutes, regulations and legal decisions affecting their work and translate legal language for those not trained in law.
  • Collaborate effectively with legal counsel and appropriately reduce reliance on legal counsel for basic business matters.

Effectively Manage Legal Implications

  • Manage obligations under state and federal regulations, and in appropriate cases represent their organizations before administrative bodies.
  • Protect the privacy of records in the care of an organization and comply with appropriate exceptions required by law.

Avoid Litigation through Prevention

  • Select appropriate strategies for dispute resolutions within and between organizations.
  • Recognize good business agreements and analyze provisions therein that help protect their organizations' legal interests and achieve their business goals.
  • Appraise the ethical implications in opportunities and choices, and make ethical decisions in the face of countervailing pressures.

Better Manage Your Operations

  • Operate in ways that avoid tort liability, react productively in the case of an accident or claim, and effectively assist legal counsel in case of litigation.
  • Conduct business based on a sophisticated knowledge of the legal environment.

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