M.Ed. Residency

Students will participate in a 3-day residency during the first year of enrollment in the graduate program.

Upcoming Residencies

  • June 7-10, New Orleans, LA in conjunction with NAEYC's 2015 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development.

Residency Highlights

2013: Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. 2013 Fall Residency

The 2013 Fall Residency was held in conjunction with NAEYC's Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Thirteen students attended the residency led by Robin Ploof, Program Director joined by Laurel Bongiorno, Dean of Education and Human Studies and three faculty members. A lively luncheon discussion on the book Learning from the Bumps in the Road: Insights from Early Childhood Leaders was facilitated for our students by three of the textbook authors; Holly Elissa Bruno, Luis Hernandez, and Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan. Students also attended sessions on technology with Diane Levin, Vygotskian curriculum with Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong, and a presentation on Filial play therapy in homeless shelters with Champlain College M.Ed. student Lisa Mader.

2013: San Francisco

Lisa Murphy at San Francisco ResidencyStudents and faculty members of the M.Ed. program attended a residency held in conjunction with the NAEYC's Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development in San Francisco from June 9-12, 2013. The focus of the Institute this year was Developmentally Appropriate Practice.

  • Sessions attended by students led by Champlain College faculty members: Lost opportunities: How teaching Interferes with learning, offered by Dr. Debra Lawrence; Ensuring Developmentally Appropriate Practice through a statewide, integrated system of professional development, led by Jenna Bilmes;  and two presentations by Dr. Laurel Bongiorno, Developmentally Appropriate Practice and play and poster session Parent's perceptions of learning through play: research from two perspectives.
  • Other sessions attended by students were presented by authors of texts and research articles used in the M.Ed. program including presentations by Walter Drew and Marcia Nell, Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong, Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Judy Jablon, and Sue Bredekamp.

In addition to these experiences students were able to participate in sessions of their own choosing, network with each other, and meet other professionals in the field.

2012: Atlanta, GA

A core element of Champlain’s Early Childhood Education master’s degree program is a required residency in the first year. The 2011-2012 Residencies were held in conjunction with the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) annual conference. The M.Ed. residency gives students opportunities to apply their coursework to real-world practices and research, network with teachers and directors, and attend presentations by the highly-regarded authors of books they read for the program.

Residency highlights included:

  • a workshop and lunch conversation with author and early childhood leader, Debra Sullivan
  • a keynote address by early childhood education leader and author Vivian Paley on transforming the kindergarten experience
  • talks by CAYL Institute founder and president Valora Washington and Diane Trister Dodge, founder and president of Teaching Strategies Inc.
  • workshops conducted by Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong, pioneers in play research
  • a workshop on early childhood education approaches in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with Lella Gandini and Amelia Gambetti
  • presentations by Dr. Walter Drew and other play advocates
  • a presentation by Champlain Early Childhood Education Program Director Laurel Bongiorno on her research, focused on "Preschool Parents' Perceptions of Learning through Play"

2012: Indianapolis, Indiana

At the five-Day June Professional Development Institute, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, students had the opportunity to meet Debra Sullivan, author of Learning to Lead; Effective Leadership Skills for Teachers of Young Children.

2011: Orlando, Florida

Vivian Paley. Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong. Lella Gandini and Amelia Gambetti. Imagine the chance to see leaders in the field of early childhood education.

Laurel Bongiorno and Vivian Paley

At the five-day November conference, held in Orlando, Fla., in 2011, students were enlightened by workshops, speakers, discussions with fellow students and connections with many of the thousands of participants from around the world. Authors presented books on a range of topics, from appropriate math for preschool children to research on infant and toddler development and care.

"Attending a national conference of early educators is always an exciting and fulfilling experience, but doing so with more than 12,000 early childhood educators from across the globe, and also with classmates from Champlain College's M.Ed. program, was especially exciting," Bongiorno says.

M.Ed students participate in The Play Experience: How to Strengthen Professional Development, Play Leadership, and Advocacy with Walter Drew of the Institute for Self Active Education at NAEYC 2011 in Orlando FL.
M.Ed. students participate in The Play Experience: How to Strengthen Professional Development, Play Leadership, and Advocacy with Walter Drew of the Institute for Self Active Education at NAEYC 2011 in Orlando FL.

Students Rave about the Champlain Early Childhood Education Residency in Indianapolis

"It was so empowering to hear speakers that are the top in our field. I loved connecting with the other students that I have been in class with and with our professors. My favorite speaker was Bodrova...she has such a wealth of information in the EC field. The one thing I realized was that the master's program has made me look more critically and truly analyze the sessions I was attending at the conference. I could go on and on....wonderful experience!!!"
— Lisa Mader, Wisconsin

"I was able to put some of the concepts I took away from the block session immediately at school. We are in the process of revising and documenting our Math curriculum so we have incorporated describing, identifying and looking and exploring shapes by type of line, points, what we see from different perspectives and making connections to what we see, signs, symbols and shapes in our environment This is just the tip of the iceberg of information and experiences I took away from the residency."
— Sue Fritz, Virginia

"This residency experience was invaluable. There were some awesome speakers and sessions. I loved the time we were able to spend with Debra Sullivan. It was great that she took the time to meet with us and answer questions and discuss roles as leaders. She is truly wonderful. The best part of the week was meeting the great people from the Champlain M.Ed. program - both faculty and students. There are some top notch people leading the program and enrolled in it."
— Stephani Lebeda, South Dakota

"I had an amazing time. It was great to finally meet other students and to now have relationships with them. Debra Sullivan's book in itself was highly inspirational. "Learning to Lead" was an eye opener; reflecting on one's self and truly knowing who you are, where you came from, and why you believe the things you do, can be very powerful!
— Charlene Chillson, Boston, Massachusetts

"As an avid reader and lover of books I really enjoyed that we got to meet and talk with author Debra Sullivan as well as attend the Bodrova and Leong conference session. I found their new work on imagination very interesting and can't wait to read future articles on the subject. It was also so fun to meet some of the people I have had class with and form friendships with so many of them."
— Robyn McElwain, St. Albans, Vermont

Students Rave about the Champlain Early Childhood Education Residency in Orlando

"Having that time to connect and bond in person has brought our class even closer. Going to sessions and spending time together outside the conference really meant a lot to me. I have made lifelong friends from this residency experience."
—Pamela Fontaine, Vermont, Teaching Specialization

"It was inspiring being around so many educators that support the importance of early childhood education. It was amazing to "get to know" Paley, Bodrova and Leong through their presentations. It helped me to understand that these "movie stars" of the education world are just teachers with a love for children, like us. It reminded me that our job as early educators is truly important!"
—Amy Cormier, South Carolina, Teaching Specialization

"Seeing Vivian Paley had to be a highlight. I always love to see some of the ‘pioneers...’ Listening to her read and realizing she is still advocating for what she has for 50 years or so is awesome and humbling."
—Cathy Tuttle, North Carolina, Administration Specialization.

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