MFA Curriculum

The MFA curriculum is for the creative and curious mind. Although this program is not strictly for students with advanced technology or creative skill sets, they will be integral to your studies. In addition to teaching and developing technological and creative skill sets, the MFA focuses on the contextual environment in which they’re used, providing the foundation necessary to recognize and harness the forces of change.

Course #TitleCredits

First Semester - Fall

EMM 510 The Emergent Landscape 2
EMM 520 Foundations of Digital Image Making 3
EMM 530 Causes of Emergence: Programming Languages 3
EMM 540 Technology as a Disruptive Force 3
EMM 550 Human Interfaces 3

Second Semester - Spring

EMM 560 Digital Storytelling 3
EMM 570 Experience Design: Play and Participation 3
EMM 585 Media for Social Innovation 3
EMM 575 or Elective Advanced Seminar or Elective 3

Third Semester - Summer

EMM 591 Collaborative Production 6
EMM 600 Puzzles and Prototypes 3
EMM 575 Advanced Seminar 3

Fourth Semester - Fall

EMM 610 Our Human Experience: Through the Lens of Neuroscience, Education and Business 3
EMM 620 Integrative Thesis Project I 3
EMM 575 or Elective Advanced Seminar or Elective 3
Elective Elective 3

Fifth Semester - Spring

EMM 621 Integrative Thesis Project II 6
EMM 622 Integrative Thesis Process 3
Elective Elective 3
Total: 62

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