Learning Outcomes

You’ll complete the Champlain MFA program with an amazing network of friends, classmates and company representatives as well as many marketable skills. Upon completion of the Champlain MFA you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate neurological, cultural and historical underpinnings of human communication, competitiveness, and collaboration.
  • Evaluate the social impacts of technological innovation and communication processes to design appropriate media solutions. 
  • Work collaboratively in multi-generational, virtual and cross-functional team environments.
  • Employ leadership skills to maximize human potential towards collaborative completion of project goals.
  • Apply discipline specific research methodology: observation, collection and analysis of data to media projects.
  • Apply an iterative approach to integrate design, technology and communication disciplines.
  • Build interactive, participatory media experiences that employ esthetic and technical best practices to address business, social and educational problems.
  • Use written and oral presentation skills at a professional level to champion development of new communication media processes and products.
  • Develop meta cognitive strategies to define & refine personal creative processes. Articulate  personal vision in the creation of media artifacts. Transfer creative strategies and processes to others.

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