Frequently Asked Questions

Does this  online MBA provide the skills I would get in another MBA program?
Yes, you will achieve a set of competencies that are comparable to other MBA programs. But due to the integrated Areas of Practice in the courses and the applied nature of all projects, your level of understanding and ability to apply your learning should exceed that found in a typical MBA program.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in business to apply?
No. In fact, we highly encourage those with a variety of majors to consider the Champlain MBA as an opportune way to develop those skills needed for virtually any career. To make your transition into the degree as seamless as possible for those without an undergraduate degree in Business, we may require that your take pre-requisite courses to introduce you to the key concepts you will need to be successful in the MBA core courses. Alternatively, you may demonstrate your competency in areas of business through our test-out program.

What courses should I take as a part-time student?
While some courses have prerequisites and must be taken in a prescribed order, the Champlain MBA offers a high degree of flexibility by having several courses that you can take to best fit your interests and schedule. This flexibility means that both the exact sequence of courses and the time required for you to complete the degree will depend on whether you need to take the MBA prerequisite courses, the term in which you enter the program and the number of courses you decide to take in any given term.

How long will it take to complete my MBA?
While you can finish your MBA in less than two years, you are actually allowed six years to complete the program. Most graduate students will take approximately three years. We recommend that you think about the amount of time that you can devote to the program given professional, family and other time commitments. Plan to spend about 14 hours per week per course. It becomes a personal decision. You may want to start with one course and see how that fits with your schedule. Based on our experience, we do not recommend taking more than two courses (six credits) per term at the graduate level.

When can I start?
The Champlain  online MBA program operates on six terms per year. You can start your MBA in any term during the year. When you enter the program, you and your advisor will develop a personal plan that allows you to start and complete the program as soon as possible, given your own goals and the annual schedule of course offerings.

Is the GMAT or GRE exam required?
No, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and the GRE are not required to apply.

Do I need to be employed to be admitted?
No. In all of the MBA Core courses, however, projects, assignments and activities encourage you to apply the course content to a problem in the workplace. In order to complete your projects and meet the course requirements, it will be necessary that you have a linkage to an organization where you have access to people and information. While experience has shown that the easiest way to perform such workplace-based projects is to do them at a place of current employment, other options are possible. One, for example, is to arrange for an ongoing virtual internship at an organization. Another is to view the project requirement as a service-learning opportunity and to set up a work arrangement with a non-profit organization of your choice.

Can I transfer any courses?
At the graduate level, academic credit cannot be given for life experience or familiarity with the material. The only option available for any reduction in the credit hour requirement is the transfer of a maximum of six graduate level credit hours from another institution. All transfer credit is accepted at the sole discretion of Champlain College.

What are the admission requirements? How does the admission process work?
First, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and a GPA that demonstrates your ability to perform graduate level academic work. Second, you must be able to demonstrate that you will be able to integrate your coursework through projects applied to the workplace through some combination of current employment in a professional setting, an agreement with an organization to serve as your project site or, in the event that neither employment nor an agreement is possible, a demonstrated commitment to identify sites for course projects. You will need to complete an admission application, including the essay. You will need to arrange for a transcript of your undergraduate work to be sent to us and for your letter of reference to be sent to the Admission Office. Once we have all of your application materials, our admissions team will review and inform you of our decision.  Learn more about admission requirements here.

When may I apply?
We have six start terms per year. Visit our admissions requirements page to see upcoming application deadlines.


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