MBA Concentrations

Make your MBA degree even more relevant by choosing to pursue one of four concentrations for in-depth study. Each concentration consists of 9 credits (three courses), as indicated below through requirements and electives within each concentration. This simple extension adds value to your MBA and your credentials in the market. Students who elect to pursue a concentration will complete between 48 and 58 credits (if “Start-Up” courses are required) in the MBA program

Digital Forensic Investigation Management Concentration

DIM 500 The Practice of Digital Investigation  3
Chose two of the following:
DIM 530 Legal Aspects of Digital Investigation  3
DIM 560 Digital Investigation for Civil Litigation  3

DIM 570

Research Methodology  3
DIM 580 Legal Issues for Management 3

Health Care Administration Concentration

HCMT 510 Navigating the U.S. Healthcare System  3

HCMT 520

Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructure: Systems and Solutions 3
Choose one of the following:
HCMT 525 Health Finance and Economics  3
HCMT 530 Healthcare Law and Regulation  3
HCMT 540 Clinical Systems Management 3

Information Technology Management Concentration

MIT 500 Foundations of IT Management  3
Choose two of the following:
MIT 510 Convergence of Telecomm and Business   
MIT 515

Managing Enterprise Data 

MIT 520 Legal and Ethical Issues in Technology  3
MIT 530 IT Security and Strategy  3
MIT 545 Strategic Planning for Web-driven Businesses 3

Management and Conflict Resolution

MED 501 Negotiation  3
Choose two of the following:
MED 502 Interpersonal Conflict   3
MED 504 Principles of Conflict Analysis   3
MED 521 Organizational Conflict  3