MBA Curriculum

An Authentic Education With Real-World Applicability

The Champlain College online MBA incorporates a learning strategy called Integrated Reflective Practice (IRP), which leverages a student's current work environment as a laboratory for learning. This learning philosophy creates a more authentic and valuable experience, both for the student and for the employer.

Course #TitleCredits

Core Classes

MIT 505 Project Management 3
MBA 515 Mission and Values in a Global Environment 3
MBA 520 Performance Measurement and Accounting Systems 3
MBA 525 Process Improvement/Operations 3
MIT 525 Financial Decision Making 3
MBA 530 Customers, Markets and Sales/Marketing Programs 3
MBA 535 Business Economics and Modeling Value 3
MBA 540 Group Dynamics, Communication and Negotiation 3
MIT 540 Managing Innovation through Information Technology 3
MBA 545 Action Planning and Decision Making 3
MIT 550 Reflective Leadership and Planned Change 3
MBA 590 Integrative Capstone Project/Field Experience 3
MBA 500 Integrated Reflective Practice 3

Total: 39

For students without a business degree, you may be required to take up to four introductory courses or demonstrate compentency through our test-out program.

Course #TitleCredits

Introductory classes (for those without a business degree)

MBA 501 Essentials of Applied Economics 3
MBA 503 Using Statistics for Business Decision Making 3
MBA 505 The Strategic Language of Business 3
MBA 507 Survey of Accounting for Managers 3

Total: 12

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