Built on a foundation of success.

Program Director Julian PortillaExperience the excellence of a program with a rich history.

In 2008, Woodbury College’s renowned mediation program was transferred to Champlain College. As one of the nation’s oldest programs, founded in 1984, Woodbury’s program pioneered a practice-based approach that blends distance learning with face-to-face skills in diverse settings. Today, Champlain’s program builds on this sound foundation.

Successful mediation of complex conflicts demands more than “by-the-book” mediation techniques. It takes multidisciplinary mastery of each facet of conflict resolution. Mirroring the required needs of real-world mediation challenges, we’ve developed an integrated learning approach that emphasizes four fundamental competencies — skills, self, theory and structure.

Skills are the various strategies in the mediator’s toolbox and the capacity to creatively deploy them. Training and development of proper skills builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Exploration of self teaches attentiveness of how one’s own way of being and beliefs about conflict influence their mediations. Students will also learn how to wield this self-awareness as a positive instrument.

Theory is the groundwork for understanding and engaging conflict. Students’ exploration of mediation’s theoretical foundation will help them attain a conceptual basis of mediation practice.

Structure encompasses methods of navigating and organizing information during mediation. Students will learn how various mediation processes and structures can be adapted to serve different contexts.